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The PPAQ guarantees the highest standards in professional photography, ensuring exceptional imagery, business probity and client confidence. 

PPAQ members nurture relationships with fellow professionals, clients and community; actively promote the Association and build membership; and commit to continuous learning and improvement.

Membership Benefits

The PPAQ provides a platform for the promotion and growth of Professional Photography industry in Queensland. The PPAQ has two membership levels, Certified Professional Photographers and Developing Professional Photographers.

 Among the outstanding benefits to members, the PPAQ offers:

  • An affordable annual fee
  • Regular events throughout the year
  • Teaching from experts in the field
  • Advancement in knowledge & expertise
  • Business management advice
  • Use of the PPAQ logo in your marketing
  • Inclusion in the PPAQ website directory, promoting your business to the community
  • Membership to a like-minded community of industry professionals for support and advice
  • Credibility to clients