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  1. Family Placement Application

  2. Please note. 

    Agency placement fees are separate from the Postpartum Doula, Newborn Care Specialist(NCS), or Nanny hourly rate.  All placement fees are due before the placement's start date.  Clients are responsible for paying the care staff separately.  Clients with full and part time care staff are also legally responsible for withholding the appropriate state and federal taxes.  All Clients looking for 24/7 care must offer a pay rate of $25/hour minimum for Postpartum Doulas, and NCS's, and $17/hour minimum for Nannies. The final rate is decided between the family and the care staff.  A 4 hour minimum is required for day-shift care staff jobs and 8 hour minimum for night-shift care staff jobs.  

    All full time and part time placement packages have a guarantee replacement period.  All schedules, duties and responsibilities for Nannies are agreed upon between the Client and Nanny.   Duties and responsibilities of Postpartum Doula's and Newborn Care Specialist are provided in the working agreement/contract of the individual care staff.

    Agency Fees for Postpartum Doula:

    Tier 1:  $2500 - Postpartum Doula night shift placement fee for up to 3 months - includes emergency care placement.

    Tier 2:  $2000 - Postpartum Doula day shift placement fee for up to 3 months - includes emergency care placement.

    Agency Fees for Newborn Care Specialist:

    Tier 1:  $3000 - Newborn Care Specialist night shift placement for up to 6 months - includes  backup emergency care placement 

    Tier 2:  $2500 - Newborn Care Specialist Day shift placement for up to 6 months - includes  backup emergency care placement

    $500 - Temporary placement up to 2 weeks days or nights 

    $750 - Temporary placement up to 1 month days or nights

    (difference in amount must be paid if the caregiver temporary placement is extended past the given weeks.  Example:  if  you decide you want the caregiver to stay for up to 3 months, then you would pay the difference of the postpartum doula rate @ $2500)

     Application Fees-Temp Placements Only

    Application Fee $300

    Placement Fees for Nannies:

    Full Time Nanny

    Tier 1- $2000 for part-time nanny - includes 5 backup emergency care placements for the 1st year and a 30 replacement period.

    Tier 2- $4000 for full time nanny Includes 10 backup/emergency care placements for the 1st year and a 60 day replacement period.

    Tier 3 - $7500 for Live in or 24/7 nannies and Includes 15 backup/emergency care placements for the 1st year and a 90 day replacement period.

    Families looking for long term, part or full time placement are required to pay a 50% deposit after the application is received and after the in home or virtual consultation.  After families pay the deposit, we present you with qualified nannies who are interested in serving your family.  After reviewing and approving candidates, we'll connect you by setting up the initial interview. After you've decided to hire a Nanny, Postpartum Doula or NCS, we collect the remaining balance of the placement fee before the official start date. 

    For travel nannies, travel fees are paid for by Clients.

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  4. Delighted to Doula Birth Services reserves the right to refuse service to any new or current Clients for any reason deemed necessary. I agree that information submitted is true and understand that my information will remain confidential, but details concerning the job will be shared with potential candidates. Delighted to Doula Birth Services is not the Postpartum Doula, Newborn Care Specialist or Nanny Staff's employer, but they will be employed by the applicant. I also understand that there's a separate contract that must be signed and a placement fee must be paid before the prescreened caregiver begins employment.

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