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  1. Feedback is Your Friend

  2. I don’t just talk the talk, I also walk the walk.  So I’m putting myself in the hot seat to ask for your feedback, my faithful friends. 

    Please take five minutes to (honestly) answer five (anonymous) questions and support Editor’s Edge's growth.  

  3. 1: you even know what Editor's Edge does?

  4. 2: You're hanging out having cocktails with your industry pals...

  5. 3: What was your favorite Letter from the Editor?

    A: "I'm Coming Out"(Debut Letter)
    B: "Hello? Hello? Hello?" (Connecting to Your Crew)
    C: "Tis the Season for Anticipation" (Get Your Reflection On)
    D: "I've Been Cheating on You" (Shifting Priorities)
    E: "I love it, I love it not.." (Winter Business Blues)

  6. 4: What was your favorite Editor’s Edge Newsletter?

    A: “The Answer is YES, you are Ready” - 7 Signs to Know You’re Ready to Take it to the Next Level

    B: “Cut the Crap Out & Connect with Your Client” - Case Study: Getting under the Lid with Poo-Pourri

    C: “Let’s Take a Time Out..” - 7 Questions to help you look back & tips to interpret your answers to look forward

    D: “Should I Stay…” - Kick it, Embrace it, Step Into 2018

    E: “Falling in (and out of) Love With Your Business” - True & False Business Love Quiz

  7. 5: You know what would be awesome?

  8. No Bullshit:

  9. Bullshit Bonus:

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