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  1. There are two different Boudie Bank packages: The Flirt and The Vixen. The Flirt includes 5 images while the The Vixen includes them ALL.  The Digital Images are delivered on a beautiful crystal USB drive with a print release and include 4"x6" prints of the purchased images in both color and black/white. Reference prints are packaged in a black gift box for discreet and stylish storage.

    Payments are broke down over 1-4 months, you choose the duration. This is INTEREST FREE and each payment is charged automatically through my credit card processor on dates you choose ahead of time. There is a $3 per payment charge, to offset my costs. The per payment charge is added to the final payment.

  2. I certify that I am the authorized holder and signer of the credit card reference above. I certify that all information above is complete and accurate. I hereby authorize Michiana Boudoir to charge the indicated credit card at the indicated interval(s) for fees associated with photography, design, and/or print services provided. I agree that if I have any problems or questions regarding my account with or any services provided by Michiana Boudoir, I will Michiana Boudoir directly for assistance using the contact information provided at the top of this form. I understand that due to the custom nature of creative services and printed products, no returns or refunds will be accepted unless the deliverables are defective by error of the manufacturer. I understand that the money paid towards my Boudie Bank Package is transferable but not refundable. 

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