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  5. Auction Agreement with The Guild Gallery

    1. AUCTION ITEM:  We will review this form and get back to you with what we feel is the best fit for auction item(s) to donate.
    2. AVAILABILITY:  If a portrait session is donated it is subject to the photographer's availability and the gift certificate will be valid for one year after purchase.
    3. THE GIFT CERTIFICATE(S): You will be in charge of picking up the gift certificate(s) here at The Guild Gallery: 8 N. 8th Ave. in Yakima. We are open Monday to Friday from 8am to 5pm.
    4. DISPLAY ITEMS NEEDED: We will provide the table easel, portrait and albums for the display. We ask that you please provide the table and nearby access to power (for our portrait light)
    5. DISPLAY SETUP/TEAR DOWN: We will come set up our auction item display during the set times for setup, and we will be back to pick them up after the auction is over. 
    6. APPROVED MATERIALS: We kindly ask that you only use approved auction promotional materials that we will provide you via email. (logo, catalog description, powerpoint slide, item signage)

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