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  2. The bots are gonna help us get all the paperwork and scheduling handled so that we can ease our way right into calming down! Please fill in all of your information below to get started. I'll be in touch as soon as I can with your contract, payment, and scheduling information.

    Just a reminder, here's what you're signing up for:

    • Doing the homework I'm going to send you (it's fun! I promise) before our...Initial session via phone or video call to sort out your wedding vision & aesthetic (about an hour), after which I'll...
    • Research the costs for your dream wedding, and then we'll...
    • Meet again to talk through the costs line by line, focusing on how we can meet your actual wedding budget without sacrificing the things you want most.

    Then, in about a week, you're going to get...

    • Your very own Big-Ass Wedding Planning Checklist, adjusted in line with your priorities
    • Your detailed budget spreadsheet with all the things we talked about, plus savings and payment trackers
    • Your completely custom, month-by-month wedding planning guide with detailed notes, tips, and advice tailored to your needs
    • 6 months of membership in my Choose Your Own Wedding planning subscription so that you have everything else you need and my ongoing support as you get it done!

  3. Legal Names

    Whatever you entered in the boxes above is what I'm going to call you and put on all of your planning paperwork and use at the start of my emails - so please make sure you've put your real / chosen / preferred names there.

    The "legal name" boxes below are strictly for your contract. I've gotta have 'em to make this all legally binding, but rest assured that I won't be using them for anything else. This little bit of double entry ensures that nobody gets deadnamed by my email bot or called the long version of their name that they usually only hear from their parents when they are in Big Trouble. Thanks for your cooperation!

  4. Your Wedding Details

    Please fill in any information you know about your wedding below. This helps me prepare for our call so that we can make the most of our time. Thanks!

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