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  2. Available Gowns | Clients that Purchase a Maternity Session with Allison Kolafa Photography are more than welcome to use our Maternity Gowns

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    Looking belly beautiful is easy. Here are a few tips to consider before coming in for your sitting. Planning Your Session: Maternity photos should be taken around the beginning of the third trimester. Any later and water retention and puffiness come into

    play; earlier and the belly may not be sufficiently prominent for optimal results. Bring in your ultrasound. We can take a very special portrait of mama and baby. Your maternity session should include the father and older children to reflect your beautiful growing family. If you want to show your bare tummy, wear loose-fitting clothing to avoid elastic/clothing marks. Put on lotion at least an hour before your session to avoid the shiny belly-look and staining your clothes. Moisturize your knees and elbows. Get a manicure or a light polish for a more finished look in a close up of your hands around your belly. Remove tight-fitting clothing and accessories, like watches and bracelets, at least two hours before your session. Maternity Photo Clothing Suggestions: You and your beautiful belly are the stars of your maternity portraits. Here are a few dress suggestions to make this moment in your life

    memorable: Solid colored shirts focus the attention on your tummy’s shape and glowing expression. Large patterns distract. Avoid swirls, plaids and stripes. Black clothing gives you a slim silhouette. Form-fitting clothes with a little stretch will compliment your figure rather than loose clothing. Long sleeves tend to be the most flattering, but sleeveless and spaghetti straps work well. Avoid t-shirt length sleeves. If you want to show your bare belly, consider wearing a top and skirt or pants that won’t leave binding marks across your tummy. Choose silk or cotton fabrics as they drape beautifully around a pregnant body. Empire-waist blouses and dresses, button-up shirts, tank tops, long drawstring skirts and tie dresses can really enhance your

    blossoming shape. Dark jeans and black tapering yoga pants make your legs look long and slim. Pick your footwear depending on your clothing. If your toes are exposed in a sandal-style, you might want to get a pedicure. Consider your undergarments with the style of clothing you choose to wear. You might not want lines showing through your clothing. Accessories can enhance and personalize your style. A cheerful scarf, or sweater, or even chunky jewelry can add fun splashes of color.

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    We are located on the second floor of the white house. Parking is on the side or in back of the building. There is no wheelchair or stroller access. I apologize for the inconvenience. For safety reasons, the baby will need to be carried in his/her car seat.

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