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    *PROMOTION* Limited Edition Behind the Scenes Videos Will Be Back SEPTEMBER 8-15, 2021. Now accepting video orders!

    Step 1)  Using this form, pre-order a personalized video of your standard framed canvas being made. (Not eligible on gallery wraps with float frames)

    Step 2)  Submit your standard framed canvas order between 9/8/21 - 9/15/21.

    Step 3)  Show off an awesome video on your website, social media, at trade shows & during meetings.

    • Cost of Video: $280
    • Sizes accepted for the standard framed canvas video offer: Any sizes between 20x30" and 30x40" - 20x30 is the smallest option, 30x40 is the largest option. Size examples: 20x30, 22x30, 24x30, 24x36, 27x40, 30x40, etc.
    • Painted Portrait: If you are choosing the painterly add-on for this video, the canvas order deadline is 9/8/21. For all other canvases, the deadline to submit is 9/15/21. 

  2. Sample Marketing Video

    Click here to see a sample video. The final video will be personalized with your logo, your image and your canvas. It will have a similar song and some of the same B-roll clips. 

  3. Upload

    • DATES: Order your marketing video anytime between now and 9/15/21 and we will bill your credit card on file. This reserves your personalized video, but canvas orders cannot be placed until SEPTEMBER 9, 2021. If you order a video but do not place your canvas order during the ordering window, we will not be able to make the video at a later date.
    • PAINTED PORTRAIT: If you are choosing the painterly add-on for this video, the canvas order deadline is 9/9/21. For all other canvases, the deadline to submit is 9/15/21. 
    • COST: The marketing video is $280. The price is for the video only and the canvases/frames are sold separately. You will be billed $280 for the video now, and the canvas cost is billed separately after you've placed your canvas order. 
    • ELIGIBILITY: This offer is only good for a video of a standard framed canvas (size 20x30, 24x30, 24x36, 27x40, 30x40) The framing must be done by us in order to present a finished art piece on the video. (Not eligible on gallery wraps with float frames)
    • FORMAT: All videos will follow a similar format, will be 60-90 seconds in length and will have one royalty free song chosen by Amy. Most of the video will be personalized to your specific canvas, but there will be some generic B-roll footage used in all of the videos (like cutting canvas, cutting the stretcher frames, etc.)
    • USAGE: Once the video is made and sent to you, there will not be any edits or revisions made to the video on our part, but you are welcome to re-edit, change, shorten or manipulate the finished video however you'd like. 
    • TURNAROUND TIME: There is a chance your canvas will still be completed during the normal turnaround time but may be delayed based on the filming schedule.
    • DELIVERY: The video will be delivered by google drive within two weeks of canvas delivery. The high res. video will be 1920x1080.

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