Now that we’re back from the WPPI expo in Las Vegas, we’re hard at work preparing for our free beta which we’ll be opening up to select studios who request the beta.

We heard so many great ideas at the show and decided some of them are just too cool to wait for a later version, so we’re adding them to Version 1!

As Jason and I work to implement the new features, we’re going to open the system up to the early adopters out there as a free “beta” program.   This is a great way to not only start managing your business right away, but also to get in on the ground floor and help shape the direction of Táve Studio Manager.   Sort of like having your own engineering team working for you!

As always, we believe its your data and we’re just making it easier for you to use and manage it, so you can export your data at any time, even when you’re prompted to subscribe at the end of the beta.

If you’d like an invitation to our free beta program, just join our mailing list.