We just released a small but extremely useful update to default work and tasks, the feature located in the Product Editor that lets you automatically create work, events, or tasks for a job when a client books a quote with the product in it.

You can have Táve Studio Manager automatically set the due date (or for events, the start date) based on the Job’s event date or when a Job’s phase begins.

This feature alone can have a significant impact on your business!   Examples include scheduling a pre-wedding phone consult with the bride a week before the wedding or creating a task to upload their photos to your blog shortly after the session.

Visit the Settings section and you’ll see we’ve added a link to the blue Client Access module, called “Track agreements.” Click on the link to create contracts and amendments.

Once you publish a contract for use, you can attach it to a job, mark it as signed, and print it from the job editor’s Financials module.

When the full Client Access system is released in the coming days, your clients will be able to electronically sign their contract online!

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