This Week in PhotographyI had the privilege of being interviewed by Frederick Van Johnson last week for This Week in Photography podcast #94.

You’ll find the episode in iTunes or on the TWiP episode notes page, which includes a summarized transcript.  Now you’ll all have first hand knowledge of just how big of a nerd I am, if I sound a bit too upbeat, it’s probably due to all the diet Mt Dew I’ve been downing in the lead up to this weekend’s long anticipated software update.

I ended up talking a lot about all of you and completely forgot to mention how much more affordable we are than the competition and all the other cool things we do!  So please, help us spread the word!

A quick correction: I briefly mentioned the history of Táve and said that the name Táve is derived from a foreign phrase.  To be precise, Táve is a completely original mark and term both in the spelling (with the accent) and pronunciation (tah-vay).

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    • Adrian Ziemkowski
      Adrian Ziemkowski says:

      Thanks! Clearly I had the community features on the mind the day of the interview… forgot to mention some of our other big selling points or how much more affordable we are. Live and learn!

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