Hands on Preview of Táve 3.0 at WPPI

Our largest and most impressive release ever is just around the corner!

Visit our booth at the WPPI trade show in Las Vegas, March 8th – 10th, to take the new Táve 3.0 for a spin yourself.

Visit tave.com for more info and to sign-up for our Táve 3.0 newsletter.

As a reminder; since Táve is a web-based system, all accounts are always up-to-date with the latest fixes and releases at no additional cost.   So if you subscribe now, your account will be automatically upgraded once Táve 3.0 is released.

We’ve called it a game changer.

We’ve talked about a few of the new features, such as the advanced new quoting system, the unlimited questionnaires, an amazing new address book, a fresh new look, and streamlining everywhere.

But all that is only the beginning of what’s new in the most powerful studio management system, reimagined.

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    • Adrian Ziemkowski
      Adrian Ziemkowski says:

      Yeah, if T2 was Google-like, then T3 is Mac-like for sure. Darker like the pro-apps. It has a lot of uniqueness to it though. It completely tosses the pastels & goes dark and moody to fit into the photographic workflow better.

  1. Adrian Ziemkowski
    Adrian Ziemkowski says:

    We’re previewing a few of the huge new features/improvements mentioned in the post at the show. We won’t be showing the rest of Táve 3.0 until we offer a public beta to our subscribers. We don’t have a timeline to announce for the beta.

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