We’re proud to report a great 30th anniversary WPPI in Las Vegas!   It was great seeing so many of our existing users, showing them a few of the exciting things coming in Táve 3.0, and introducing countless other photographers to Táve.

Here’s a couple photos from the show floor:

Karen & Jason stand by the iMacsCarli and Karen gave out tons of green beadsKaren gives a demo and Adrian talks to somebody offscreenAction shot of Jason giving a demoThe front side of our fliersCool Táve mini buttons!

A big thanks to Carli for helping out at the booth and to all of you that came by and said hi!

WPPI Screencast Preview of Táve 3.0

If you’re active in our user forum, follow our twitter, or are a fan of our Facebook page, then you may have seen that Jason and I recorded a short screencast at WPPI going over just four of the exciting new features in this summer’s Táve 3.0 release (Update: the video preview has been removed to avoid confusion with the actual release as there were significant changes made since the video was recorded).

We thought these four items would illustrate the depth of changes and how we’re delivering some of the most requested features in Táve 3.0 and doing it in a way that’s faster, more intuitive, and more flexible than we could with the current system.  Some of you may ask where our email integration and workflow features are in this screencast—we felt that showing off features in the Settings section wasn’t appropriate for the high speed trade show environment, and those features deserve more than just a few seconds of high-speed high-level review.

All subscribers will be able to try out and get familiar with the beta later this summer and as always with Táve, the 3.0 upgrade will be free and the application will still be just $25/month.

Our tradeshow flyer best described the Táve 3.0 upgrade…

Táve 3.0 is a revolutionary new version of the most powerful studio management system available,
delivering unlimited questionnaires and forms, email integration, advanced new calendar tools,
a redesigned contact manager, even more advanced workflows, a streamlined proposal system,
and a sexy new interface.   Every single feature has been reimagined in Táve 3.0.

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  1. Andy Rea
    Andy Rea says:

    I seriously regret not coming back to your booth while I was at WPPI. It seemed that everytime I passed by your booth, everyone was tied up with a customer. I am extrememly interested in learning more about your system. Are you still oferring a WPPI special? Thanks for your help.

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