Not much more than a year ago I was not a Táve user. I was swimming in paper, operating off of 3 calenders, a separate task list and a folder in my inbox full of correspondence from clients in no real order. My orders came in through one source, I fulfilled them in another software program, then imported them into a 3rd program. Inevitably the order would import under the wrong price list and I would have to figure out how to go back and edit it, painfully. If I had been meticulous in my checking of boxes in my multitude of programs I might have been able to keep some semblance of organization.

I am not meticulous. I have more ideas running in my brain than outlets for them. I would have had a separate task list to remind me to reset every software program with the correct workflow status for every order.

I noticed something different this summer. Now that my workflow is flowing, and everything is tracked in Táve I spend less time doing icky business stuff. I use ProSelect to process my orders, then I import into Táve, and right there I can assign it to the correct client, the correct job, and fix the pricing errors that I made (cuz I make errors sometimes). I send my order, create a task so I can see in my task list that it’s in process, and wait for my order to arrive. Cool part is that those are just some of the features that Táve has condensed into one program for me, and there are many more programs from which you can import orders, and to which you can export data.

Then I sit at my desk wondering what I have forgotten to do. Nothing. I just spend less time on each task, and I don’t forget things. It’s hard to believe. Well not that hard to believe since my task list, calendar, and upcoming jobs are all right on my homepage.