We’re going to be publishing Táve 2.9.0 soon, which replaces Táve 2’s internal frameworks with the new frameworks created for Táve 3 as part of our seamless upgrade path. No new user-facing features are currently included in the 2.9.0 release, but everything behind-the-scenes is completely new, which means extensive testing of every facet of the application is needed.

We’re looking for a few subscribers to help us review the change by logging in to a special testing server and verifying that everything is exactly the same as it is in production. If you have some time to spare this weekend and would like to volunteer, please email team@tave.com. Seats are limited. Due to the need to be familiar with the current production system, trial accounts are not eligible and Lifetime subscribers will have priority seating.

We know testing to make sure everything is exactly the same as before is a bit dull, so as a reward, active volunteers will be the first to be invited to test and review future (and far more exciting!) pre-releases.

Update: Wow, we didn’t expect so much interest! If you’re chosen to participate, you’ll receive an email from beta-announce@tave.com with instructions when we’re ready to get started (probably early tomorrow). Requests to volunteer will still be considered up until then.

Update 2: The beta signup is now closed and all seats filled. Thank you to all of our volunteers, you rock!

Update 3: We released 2.9.0 and are now at 2.9.2 (as seen at the bottom of the page inside the app). A few hiccups, but overall a great release!