In continuing our Táve 3.0 preview series now that we’re in beta, I’d like to share one of the most powerful new features in Táve 3.0: the Live Quote Editor! (We shared these screenshots in the members-only section of our Helpdesk last month, but the feature is important enough, and exciting enough, that I wanted to publish them to our blog for all to see, especially since many members may have missed it in the forum.)

A basic quote in our new Live Quote Editor

Right off the bat you’ll notice a small but important addition; an option to save the quote as a template. This option has been added to both individual quotes and entire proposals. Once selected, you can quickly create a new quote simply by selecting the template from a dropdown that you’ll find next to any “New Quote” or “New Order” button, including the “Book Order” button on the new New Lead Wizard. Once you have a few templates set up, you’ll be flying through the new lead process.

The second important addition to note is that you can now hide configuration of individual items, as indicated by the blue carets. What’s more, they aren’t hiding a simple configuration overview as you’re used to in Táve 2.9, but instead hides the full editable configuration and pricing details for the item. Packages take that even further and list each included product as re-configurable sub-items! Let’s take a look…

Configure everything instantly! Product configurations, packages, and discounts…

Where to start?

Any time you change a price, discount amount, or product configuration, you’ll see the change reflected in the total instantly. Going to a separate configuration editor and back again just to tell your client how that album or package upgrade will affect their quote is a thing of the past my friends!

We’ve extended discounts to include percentage based discounts as well as the usual fixed amount discounts–a popular feature request amongst our users! We’ve even included the package discount as an individual line item so you can modify that on the fly too. Another new package-related feature (configured in settings) is the option to show these package discounts as line items and to show all package line-item prices outside of the quote editor, places like Client Access, print-outs, and emails.

Speaking of working with your clients to create a quote; Táve 3.0 has improved on our “Client-Safe Mode” feature located in Táve 2’s Settings, by placing a badge for it up top in the navigation bar. Click the shield at any time to toggle the mode without leaving the page you’re working on. Once enabled, we hide information we don’t think you’d want a client or prospect to see, such as cost, revenue, and balance columns in the various section homepages and lists (balances and totals, but not costs and expenses, still show up when you access an individual contact or job profile, as we assume it’s that client’s profile you’re accessing).

When it comes to Client-Safe Mode in the new Live Quote Editor in Táve 3.0, we hide the the Cost and Profit columns so you can safely edit the quote in front of your client.

Another new feature with the quote editor, is the ability to go directly to a booked order, completely skipping the proposal phase. It’s as simple as heading to the Orders page and clicking “New Order”, optionally starting from a saved template.

That’s it for this week’s preview. Stay tuned to our blog for next week’s preview of Proposals, another exciting addition to Táve 3.0, and don’t forget to join the Táve Newsletter! Show your love for the new Live Quote Editor, click on the Facebook “Like” button:

We just published a small Táve 2.9 maintenance release that we felt needed a brief mention as it may affect or pique the interest of a few of our users.

Release 2.9.5 moves all user uploaded files and email attachments into Amazon’s S3 service. When you or a client accesses one of these files, they’ll be automatically redirected to a the new S3 location. For security reasons, the URL expires after a few minutes, so if you link to the file from your website or other location, you’ll want to continue to use the URL provided inside the application prior to the redirect.

While the rest of our migration to the Amazon Web Services will wait for the launch of Táve 3.0, applying this change to the current Táve 2.9 release dramatically decreases the size of our database, speeds up our backups, and makes deploying new Táve 3.0 betas and the final release much faster. Update: We’ve decided to move the entire system over to Amazon prior to the T3 release, see the blog post for details.

It’s also worth noting that the blog itself is already completely inside Amazon’s cloud, using their EC2, RDS, S3, SES, Route 53, and CloudFront services (which are just a subset of the AWS services the Táve 3.0 beta is currently using).

As part of our Táve 3.0 preview series during the beta, I’m excited to show off a feature that I absolutely LOVE and can’t wait to use in my day to day business life…. Questionnaires! This long-awaited feature is, in my opinion, the best new feature of Táve 3.0. It’s just awesome! You can create as many questionnaires as you need to use in your business and there’s no limit to the number of fields you create or how many clients you send them to – yes, it’s unlimited usage!

I created a customized wedding day details questionnaire so that you can see how this works. No longer will you have to rely on your phone conversation notes to look up information — it will all be right there at your fingertips after sending a bride or groom this questionnaire to complete. You can even make a questionnaire a part of the Client Access booking process.

Something I love about Questionnaires is that you can create them for non-clients, such as your newsletter readers, vendors you’ve worked with in the past, or your Facebook fans/twitter followers. Just grab the questionnaire’s unique short-URL, send it out to whomever you desire, and you’ll have information at your fingertips!

I can’t even imagine all the ways in which I will use this, let alone all the creative uses I’m sure our members will discover!

I promised to update the blog when Táve 3.0 went to beta, so I’m pleased to announce that we officially launched Táve 3.0 Beta 1 early this morning. As mentioned in previous posts, the T3 beta is limited to paid subscribers who have either participated in prior betas or hold lifetime memberships (which are no longer available).

We plan to release updated beta versions weekly moving towards final release as quickly as possible.

Only a select handful of our members have access to the private beta, so we’re going to start posting weekly previews of what’s new in Táve 3.0 so you can see what we’re doing to re-imagine the application that powers your business. To start that off, here’s a preview of the amazing completely rewritten New Lead wizard…

The Old “New Lead” box in Táve 2.9:

The New “New Lead Wizard” in Táve 3.0 B1

Among the highlights of the new “New Lead Wizard”: All the contacts and events are editable directly on the page, including new ones, and you can now list multiple contacts as clients. If you find yourself handing out identical proposals again and again, you can create proposal templates to automatically attach to new leads to save even more time. Last but not least, portrait studios can skip directly to booking the job by simply adding an order template and can even enter a payment on the spot.

Everything is faster in the completely re-imagined Táve 3.0!