We just published a small Táve 2.9 maintenance release that we felt needed a brief mention as it may affect or pique the interest of a few of our users.

Release 2.9.5 moves all user uploaded files and email attachments into Amazon’s S3 service. When you or a client accesses one of these files, they’ll be automatically redirected to a the new S3 location. For security reasons, the URL expires after a few minutes, so if you link to the file from your website or other location, you’ll want to continue to use the URL provided inside the application prior to the redirect.

While the rest of our migration to the Amazon Web Services will wait for the launch of Táve 3.0, applying this change to the current Táve 2.9 release dramatically decreases the size of our database, speeds up our backups, and makes deploying new Táve 3.0 betas and the final release much faster. Update: We’ve decided to move the entire system over to Amazon prior to the T3 release, see the blog post for details.

It’s also worth noting that the tave.net blog itself is already completely inside Amazon’s cloud, using their EC2, RDS, S3, SES, Route 53, and CloudFront services (which are just a subset of the AWS services the Táve 3.0 beta is currently using).

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