As part of our Táve 3.0 preview series during the beta, I’m excited to show off a feature that I absolutely LOVE and can’t wait to use in my day to day business life…. Questionnaires! This long-awaited feature is, in my opinion, the best new feature of Táve 3.0. It’s just awesome! You can create as many questionnaires as you need to use in your business and there’s no limit to the number of fields you create or how many clients you send them to – yes, it’s unlimited usage!

I created a customized wedding day details questionnaire so that you can see how this works. No longer will you have to rely on your phone conversation notes to look up information — it will all be right there at your fingertips after sending a bride or groom this questionnaire to complete. You can even make a questionnaire a part of the Client Access booking process.

Something I love about Questionnaires is that you can create them for non-clients, such as your newsletter readers, vendors you’ve worked with in the past, or your Facebook fans/twitter followers. Just grab the questionnaire’s unique short-URL, send it out to whomever you desire, and you’ll have information at your fingertips!

I can’t even imagine all the ways in which I will use this, let alone all the creative uses I’m sure our members will discover!

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  1. Stefan Segers
    Stefan Segers says:

    I am dying to see the email function in TAVE 3. For now everytime I receive a mail from the website I respond to it but after responding many emails it’s nice to have everything in 1 place. Just like Facebook messages!

  2. Stefan Segers
    Stefan Segers says:

    Another must have feature really would be a plugin for WordPress. Now the only way to implement a contact form would be using IFrames. This is not Google friendly and difficult to style.

    Keep up the good work!

    • Adrian Ziemkowski
      Adrian Ziemkowski says:

      It wouldn’t take much to make a basic plugin, say a widget with a button to contact the studio that would open a light-table-style “window” with the contact form. But I imagine people would want something more fancy, like the type of form that slides down when you click a certain menu link, which I imagine would get harry real quick with most themes (I haven’t looked into it though, but that’s my hunch).

  3. Lara
    Lara says:

    You really are teasing us now!

    We are so excited! Hope the Beta testing is going well.

    I open Tave every morning with bated breath, just in case.

    • Adrian Ziemkowski
      Adrian Ziemkowski says:

      There are many ways to get the questionnaires to your client. They can complete them inside Client Access, you can give them (or anybody) a link to complete a questionnaire, you can email an invitation to complete a questionnaire for a job, you can bundle it into a proposal, or you can fill it out yourself if you’re with them in person. 🙂

  4. Ronan
    Ronan says:

    Hi Guys,
    I can really see how this will help client management.

    Can you share this specific template with us to prevent us needing to write our own.

    Better still could Tave users pool questionnaires?

    I know some will want to guard their marketing and customer service techniques but for those who share thae advantages will be far more than saving typing time it will allow us to learn from each other.


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