I promised to update the blog when Táve 3.0 went to beta, so I’m pleased to announce that we officially launched Táve 3.0 Beta 1 early this morning. As mentioned in previous posts, the T3 beta is limited to paid subscribers who have either participated in prior betas or hold lifetime memberships (which are no longer available).

We plan to release updated beta versions weekly moving towards final release as quickly as possible.

Only a select handful of our members have access to the private beta, so we’re going to start posting weekly previews of what’s new in Táve 3.0 so you can see what we’re doing to re-imagine the application that powers your business. To start that off, here’s a preview of the amazing completely rewritten New Lead wizard…

The Old “New Lead” box in Táve 2.9:

The New “New Lead Wizard” in Táve 3.0 B1

Among the highlights of the new “New Lead Wizard”: All the contacts and events are editable directly on the page, including new ones, and you can now list multiple contacts as clients. If you find yourself handing out identical proposals again and again, you can create proposal templates to automatically attach to new leads to save even more time. Last but not least, portrait studios can skip directly to booking the job by simply adding an order template and can even enter a payment on the spot.

Everything is faster in the completely re-imagined Táve 3.0!

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  1. Shawn
    Shawn says:

    Process payments in the application ??

    ” Last but not least, portrait studios can skip directly to booking the job by simply adding an order template and can even accepting payment on the spot.”

    • Adrian Ziemkowski
      Adrian Ziemkowski says:

      Ah, sorry, poor (not even grammatically correct) wording there. I updated the post to say “and even enter a payment on the spot”. Once we add an in-app VPOS, I’m sure it’ll find its way there.

  2. Sean Molin
    Sean Molin says:

    I want to say better late than never… but it’s still late and still never at this point.

    Gah, I’m just grumpy because I feel strung along. Any rough idea when you guys expect a final release?

  3. Rodrigo Fernandez
    Rodrigo Fernandez says:

    I often wonder: “What the heck is so terribly important that people can’t patiently wait for T3?” Tave 2.9 has all of the most important things a single photographer and even a complex studio can need! Keep up the great work guys!

    • Sean Molin
      Sean Molin says:

      If Tave 2.9 had all of the most important things a single photographer needed, there would be no need for 3.0, but alas, the development also realized the needs of many.

      To be honest, while I love a lot about 2.9, some of its workflow is extremely clunky. Many times it takes me a couple tries to get the section I actually want because it is confusing. Jobs vs shoots vs etc. Questionnaires are much needed. A better lead API is needed. A better address book…. all things they are changing. I feel like I’m not utilizing this program to its full potential in its current state because it doesn’t mesh with my workflow like 3.0 is looking to.

      And realize part of the issue is that this isn’t Facebook. This is an application we are paying for, and they have made claims that have been retracted a number of times. I sound more irritated than I really am (obviously, because I am still using the system), but doesn’t change the fact I am. It’s weird that they made the hooplah and were SET on that November 9th release… and two days before the release they changed it to “Well, we have no idea.” We should call this “Tave’em Forever.”

      • Sami
        Sami says:

        I have to agree there is loads that Tave 2.9 just doesn’t do. For example I’m finding I have to make run sheets out of the app manually which should be included – or booking a session which doesn’t start at the half hour for weddings or the printout which the temple just isn’t fit for purpose. Such simple fixes which makes my life hell. I have to say the reason why I have stuck with tave is having the workflow which adds tasks once I add a product to a shoot and confirm. If it wasn’t for that I would be gone already.
        Unfortunately I’m also getting a little sick of waiting and have started researching other options so I really hope that Tave 3 comes soon because it looks soo promising!!!

  4. Joel Seguin
    Joel Seguin says:

    Please guys don’t forget adding the option of having 2 taxes. One taxing the total amount and the other taxing the total amount including the 1st tax. I’m having troubles with he governement because in V 2.9 I can’t do this, so I have to combine the 2 taxes and it’s not the exact amount I should be perceiving. This is a major point for me as here in Quebec, we have those 2 taxes.


  5. Laura Ryan
    Laura Ryan says:

    ONe issue I have and I know many other tave users in NY state have. Taxes NY State has several tax jurdisticions.. Like for example. Long Island has two- Nyc is another one, upstate ny is another 3-4.. That brings it up to 5 -6 different tax rates I often have to give to my clients. Right now tave only gives me the option to have 3 is there any way we could add more to I can actually use tave with my collecting tax correctly rather than a separate excel spreadsheet?

    • Adrian Ziemkowski
      Adrian Ziemkowski says:

      It’s too late in the release cycle to add a feature like that, as it would affect quite a lot. I do hope to eventually add fully customizable unlimited taxes at some point, but it will have to wait for a dot release.

  6. Dan Ablan
    Dan Ablan says:

    Hey guys –
    would love some access to the beta. I signed up for Tave just about one year ago at WPPI after talking to you in person and seeing 3.0. Not to mention I beta test quite a few other apps, for photography, web, and 3D.


    • Adrian Ziemkowski
      Adrian Ziemkowski says:

      You can subscribe to your Táve calendar inside Google Calendar already in T2 (you can get the feed url from the Application Settings page). No new sync features in T3, though there are a few more calendar feeds (eg, Availability).

  7. Bernard DeLierre
    Bernard DeLierre says:

    I’m new to Táve and the new Lead Wizard looks good but I’m wondering if we’ll have the ability to do batch purges. I’d like to purge a bunch of leads. Also… any other types of batch processing? For example, add data (via new custom field for example) to a bunch of existing Contacts.


  8. Jaime Viera
    Jaime Viera says:

    hi there,

    i do like the new tave 3.0, but you are loosing us. it has been almost a year since it was supposed to come out. i do realize that you are a small company and appreciate all the hard work you have put into this. but now that we are ramping up 2011 – we do really need something with more functionality… and soon! i am sure you are sick of having people ask when, when when. but i think it is now to the point where it is unfair of you to not post a release date and stick to it. we have all been very patiently waiting. i am sorry to say, we will be one studio that will have to just move on if we don’t hear a firm answer soon.

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