Continuing our Táve 3.0 Preview series, this week we look into the new file and attachment management features in Táve 3.0.

In Táve 2.9, you have to upload a new copy of a file every time you attach it to a job or client profile. This can eat up your space quickly if you’re adding PDF files during the sales process. In Táve 3.0, our new upload window lets you reuse previously uploaded files, which can lead to dramatic space savings:

This new uploader, which takes some inspiration from the WordPress media uploader, was added to the latest beta release to support reusable attachments in email and quick response templates without having to leave the page.

Since it wouldn’t make sense to add a file browser to the uploader without a way to manage the existing files, we’ve also added a new file management section to Settings so you can delete or purge uploaded files.

These small improvements continue the Táve 3.0 trend of making everything easier to use while cutting down the number of steps you have to take in the process.

We’ll be moving from our servers based in Dallas, Texas, to Amazon’s AWS cloud starting at 3am EDT (that’s one minute after 1:59am EST, as the U.S. goes to Daylight Savings Time at the start of the maintenance window. Click the link to view the time in major cities around the globe). This will be a 3-hour window, but we’re aiming to have the system back online within an hour.

This blog and the Táve 3.0 beta have both joined the likes of Netflix and Yelp by living entirely within the Amazon cloud. We recently transitioned all user-uploaded files in Táve 2 over to Amazon S3 as well. These tests have been so positive that we’re ready to move the entire infrastructure over to AWS, as providing a fast and rock-solid experience in Táve 2 is our top priority.

With our current setup, adding new servers is a time consuming process that generally takes at least a week before the new servers are racked, stacked, and in the pool. Using AWS, we can add new server instances to the pool in just minutes. This also minimizes the need for downtime windows for server maintenance, as we can simply create new servers with updated software and just replace the outdated instances. Another exciting feature, besides the incredible global bandwidth Amazon provides, is the ability to automatically scale the number of servers to meet increased demand as it happens without any action on our part.

Update: Due to complications integrating with the Amazon email services, we are unable to perform the migration as scheduled and have canceled this maintenance window. A workaround is in place and we plan to reschedule the migration once we’re settled into our new office in Fort Lauderdale.

We have another segment in our Táve 3.0 preview series here on the blog. Today we are sharing the Proposal Editor.

This is a new addition which works a bit differently from 2.9’s method of inviting the client to their Client Access Portal. It is very powerful and adds many new features such as emailing recipients, multiple payment schedules, change requests, proposal introductions, and more. Additionally, the proposal keeps the related quotes, payments, and information all contained together in one place, which is helpful for those of you who have returning clients.

My favorite new feature with proposals is allowing you to email the proposal directly from inside Táve. You can now email as many recipients as you need (for example, bride, groom, mother of the bride, etc) and track their individual access to the proposal.

Táve 3.0 Proposal Overview

Additionally, we’ve taken your input regarding payment schedules and have made it so that you can create custom payment plans to display to the client right inside the proposal, even giving them the choice between multiple plans. This is great for a client who is trying to put together a budget and needs a little bit of help. Like everything else in Táve 3.0, the payment schedule preview updates live as you add or modify the schedule rules, which can be edited directly inside the payment schedule editor without ever leaving the page.

Payment Schedule Editor

Like Quotes, Proposals can be saved as a templates so you can quickly create a fully configured proposal, with quotes, contracts, and payment schedules all ready to go.