We’ll be moving from our servers based in Dallas, Texas, to Amazon’s AWS cloud starting at 3am EDT (that’s one minute after 1:59am EST, as the U.S. goes to Daylight Savings Time at the start of the maintenance window. Click the link to view the time in major cities around the globe). This will be a 3-hour window, but we’re aiming to have the system back online within an hour.

This blog and the Táve 3.0 beta have both joined the likes of Netflix and Yelp by living entirely within the Amazon cloud. We recently transitioned all user-uploaded files in Táve 2 over to Amazon S3 as well. These tests have been so positive that we’re ready to move the entire infrastructure over to AWS, as providing a fast and rock-solid experience in Táve 2 is our top priority.

With our current setup, adding new servers is a time consuming process that generally takes at least a week before the new servers are racked, stacked, and in the pool. Using AWS, we can add new server instances to the pool in just minutes. This also minimizes the need for downtime windows for server maintenance, as we can simply create new servers with updated software and just replace the outdated instances. Another exciting feature, besides the incredible global bandwidth Amazon provides, is the ability to automatically scale the number of servers to meet increased demand as it happens without any action on our part.

Update: Due to complications integrating with the Amazon email services, we are unable to perform the migration as scheduled and have canceled this maintenance window. A workaround is in place and we plan to reschedule the migration once we’re settled into our new office in Fort Lauderdale.

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