Continuing our Táve 3.0 Preview series, this week we look into the new file and attachment management features in Táve 3.0.

In Táve 2.9, you have to upload a new copy of a file every time you attach it to a job or client profile. This can eat up your space quickly if you’re adding PDF files during the sales process. In Táve 3.0, our new upload window lets you reuse previously uploaded files, which can lead to dramatic space savings:

This new uploader, which takes some inspiration from the WordPress media uploader, was added to the latest beta release to support reusable attachments in email and quick response templates without having to leave the page.

Since it wouldn’t make sense to add a file browser to the uploader without a way to manage the existing files, we’ve also added a new file management section to Settings so you can delete or purge uploaded files.

These small improvements continue the Táve 3.0 trend of making everything easier to use while cutting down the number of steps you have to take in the process.