We have another segment in our Táve 3.0 preview series here on the blog. Today we are sharing the Proposal Editor.

This is a new addition which works a bit differently from 2.9’s method of inviting the client to their Client Access Portal. It is very powerful and adds many new features such as emailing recipients, multiple payment schedules, change requests, proposal introductions, and more. Additionally, the proposal keeps the related quotes, payments, and information all contained together in one place, which is helpful for those of you who have returning clients.

My favorite new feature with proposals is allowing you to email the proposal directly from inside Táve. You can now email as many recipients as you need (for example, bride, groom, mother of the bride, etc) and track their individual access to the proposal.

Táve 3.0 Proposal Overview

Additionally, we’ve taken your input regarding payment schedules and have made it so that you can create custom payment plans to display to the client right inside the proposal, even giving them the choice between multiple plans. This is great for a client who is trying to put together a budget and needs a little bit of help. Like everything else in Táve 3.0, the payment schedule preview updates live as you add or modify the schedule rules, which can be edited directly inside the payment schedule editor without ever leaving the page.

Payment Schedule Editor

Like Quotes, Proposals can be saved as a templates so you can quickly create a fully configured proposal, with quotes, contracts, and payment schedules all ready to go.

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  1. Spencer
    Spencer says:

    Any timeline information about when Tave3 will be open to general public? I’m not a user yet, but really like what I see. Would rather jump into the system when 3.0 is ready, I just didn’t see any information on the blog/website about a timeline if there is one. Thanks!

  2. Steve Fogarty
    Steve Fogarty says:

    Hey Yall. I hope this is the right channel for suggestions and Wish Lists from a regular old user.

    In no particular order here are six things I hope to see changed and improved in T3 😉

    Thank you!

    1] Templates – recreating the same quotes over and over takes a lot of time. Not fun.
    2] Automatic monthly invoicing created under Quotes & Sales Orders. Currently I have to manually run the formula (BALANCE/(months until event-minus-one)), then laboriously create a New Invoice for each of those months, manually inputting the amount due and due date. Seems that could be automated. I know a lot of ‘togs charge 50%/50%. But most of my brides love paying a little every month. And I love the predictable income.
    3] On-the-fly editing and creation of Vendors / Venues / everything.
    4] Unified Notes, tied to an individual or to an event (e.g., a Wedding). Currently, I often can’t find a note I just made while speaking with a bride, because it’s buried in one of the many screens. I can’t search for it because I’m not sure what I wrote in it. There seem to be lots and lots of unrelated, disconnected notes loosely associated with every bride and wedding. Notes should be tied to an individual or to an event/job, not to a screen, easily findable in one place.
    5] Fractions. Currently when putting in (for example) 2.5 hours when creating a quote, it defaults back to 2.
    6] Automatic notification whenever a Client Access Page gets accessed. Notification by email, and under the “Attention Needed” Red Box on the Home page will be useful. When a client accesses their Client Access page, they’re hot and in need of immediate contact.

    I love Tave. It earns me money, saves me time, and makes my little business look slick! Thank you!

    Steve Fogarty

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  2. […] had to change the proposal editor inside the app (compared to the prior version) to handle the additional features. The advantage of the new layout is we can show more information […]

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