This week’s “Beta 3” takes sending email, a top requested feature that’s new in 3.0, even further by letting you create message templates complete with an expanded collection of dynamic placeholders. These placeholders go well beyond what’s available in Táve 2 (as part of the contract editor) and are much easier to use.

In this screenshot of the quick response editor, you can see that increased selection of placeholders as well as their new home inside the editor (which has also been replaced with a new rich text editor that provides a vastly superior editing experience and should be more familiar to members with experience using WordPress).

Here’s an example template being used used inside the new message composer. As you can see, we’ve adopted a more intuitive visual approach to working with placeholders.

These message templates will play an even more important role in Beta 4, which will be adding a whole new workflow system which includes the ability to send emails automatically.