While we’re not ready to give an estimate on when 3.0 will be released, I’d like to shed some light where Táve 3.0 stands right now.

The New Release Plan

The last time we discussed how the 3.0 release was going to work, it was essentially the same as any other release in that all studios would receive the update the moment we published it. All studios would be on 2.9 one day, and then using 3.0 the next.

The feedback we’ve been hearing from our beta testers has generally been that 3.0 is absolutely amazing, but also such a large change that they’d really prefer to upgrade on their own schedule.

So we’re doing two things. First, we’re going to be opening up a Preview Release to all subscribers, so you have a chance to dive into it and get familiar with 3.0, complete with your 2.9 data.

In addition, since we have a worldwide userbase, the 3.0 release will inevitably end up being in some users’ busy season and some users enjoy being early adopters while others prefer to wait for an update or two to be released, we’re switching to an opt-in upgrade that will give studios plenty of time to make the jump. It also means we’ll be able to let those more adventurous users or those who are only looking for a particular feature, to start using 3.0 even earlier than we had planned.

The Roadmap

We recently switched to a new agile development process, called scrum, and with that change firmed up our roadmap. Once we get through another iteration or two we should have enough data to confidently discuss timelines, but until then let’s look at the release plan at a higher level.

If you’ve been following the blog you’ll know we recently released Beta 3 to our private beta community, and as I mentioned in my last blog post, Beta 4 will introduce a new workflow system and section (it also replaces the oldest piece of our application, the Products section). With Beta 4, the manager will essentially be at “feature complete” status. With Beta 5, the final beta, all the client-facing systems will also reach “feature complete” status and we’ll switch to primarily fixing bugs and addressing issues found by our beta testers.

The next release after B5 will be quite exciting; the Táve 3.0 Preview Release! The preview will allow all of our subscribers to preview 3.0 using their current data. As mentioned above, it’ll let you get familiar with 3.0 so you’re ready for its release. It’ll also let you help find any bugs or issues that could hamper your use of 3.0.

It keeps getting more exciting with each release, because the PR will be followed by Táve 3.0 Early Access, and as the name implies, existing users will be able to upgrade their accounts to use 3.0 at this point, prior to the final release (and new users will be able to create Early Access accounts directly without first setting up 2.9, though they’ll still be able to if they wish). For many, this will be no different than a 3.0 release.

The Early Access release will be followed by the final Táve 3.0 release: General Availability, the actual release with all the new documentation and videos, the new public website, and end of 2.9 registration. To those who upgraded during the Early Access release, this will seem more like a 3.1 release.

As I mentioned in the release plan section above, 2.9 users will be able to continue using 2.9 even after GA and will have until the end of the year to self-upgrade.

P.S. We Love You

It’s been a long journey and the road has a few more stops ahead, but only a few now. We may not post updates each step of the way, but we are getting there and I sincerely appreciate your desire to use 3.0 ASAP and I thank you for your patience and continued support as we work toward its release.