Táve has always had a versatile product-based workflow, and with Táve 3.0 Beta 4 we’re taking that to a whole new level.

First, we’ve moved the workflow from the product editor into its own editor. This has the advantage of letting you re-use and manage the same workflow across multiple products much easier than before.

Then we expanded the existing list of items that you could create from just tasks, events, and expenses. Now you can have credit automatically added or redeemed during any phase. In addition this powers our most frequently requested feature; you can have the system create and (optionally) automatically send emails to your clients using the new Quick Response feature.

To make the workflow even more powerful, we’ve expanded it to include job-based workflow. Now you can have items that get created the moment a lead comes in or applied to any job regardless of what products they’ve booked.

Because the workflow system is completely customizable, this also means you can now modify the phases in a job or deliverable, adding or removing them as you wish.

In this screenshot (click to view full size), I’ve created a very basic job workflow illustrating some of the things that can be done in Táve 3.0. A few of the items would be more appropriate on a deliverable workflow, but they illustrate the potential.

PS. Have you seen the photos of our new office we posted to Facebook? We’ve been putting the new office to good use with lots of 3.0 development and continuing the rapid helpdesk response times we’re known for.

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  1. Francis
    Francis says:

    Realllllllly nice!!!! that answer exactly the question I just asked in the helpdesk…
    Just can’t wait the end of Beta5 to apply!

  2. Geoff Ball
    Geoff Ball says:

    Wow! That looks really great.

    Are you saying we can limit our clients to only redeem a credit during a certain phase? Even better would be if the client could have one credit for engagement and one for wedding, and credits could only be used on their respective jobs.

    Loving it, guys!

  3. Carole
    Carole says:

    It looks great, and it definitely looks better than the way things are right now, but you’re missing one MAJOR thing that has become a dealbreaker for me: DEPENDENCIES!

    There is no way to make a task dependent upon another task being completed. I have to make a guess as to when I’ll get to that step, or leave it with no deadline.

    To add insult to injury, my home page task list is rendered useless by this: it can be (and often is) completely filled with tasks for one job, most of which don’t matter right now because I can’t do them until I’ve done the first one on the list.

    I haven’t used Tave for workflow for many months now, because of this, and I”m actually getting ready to switch back to ShootQ (after 2 yrs here) because I’m tired of having to use multiple programs to stay organized.

    Is there ANY chance that y’all can build dependencies into the “due date” section of the workflow, or do I just need to go?

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