In our previous Táve 3.0 preview series post, we looked at the new workflow system. Moving the workflow into its own section meant we could clean up and simplify the product editor, which had always been a bit of a challenge for new users to really jump into. Now all the work to create when ordered and default expenses are completely separate from the product editor. This also means you can reuse the same product workflow for multiple products, saving even more time.


Options and add-ons can be added and edited directly on the product page now, and add-on pricing is now located in the add-on quick editor instead of being grouped with all the other product pricing configuration. These popup quick editors are also new to Beta 4, replacing the inline quick editors used throughout the application due to feedback from previous betas.

When it comes to editing the pricing of complex products, such as albums, it’s easier and clearer than ever. We’ve also optimized it to handle larger and more complex products much more efficiently than before.

Jason and I are excited about today’s substantial Beta 4 release for many reasons. One significant update includes a major upgrade to our javascript framework that speeds up initial load so much that we’ve removed the loading screen. Another reason I’m personally excited about Beta 4 is that it means my focus now moves to the client-facing products, which are the last major components to deliver before we hit feature-complete status across all products and start planning the Early Access release schedule.