In our previous Táve 3.0 preview series post, we looked at the new workflow system. Moving the workflow into its own section meant we could clean up and simplify the product editor, which had always been a bit of a challenge for new users to really jump into. Now all the work to create when ordered and default expenses are completely separate from the product editor. This also means you can reuse the same product workflow for multiple products, saving even more time.


Options and add-ons can be added and edited directly on the product page now, and add-on pricing is now located in the add-on quick editor instead of being grouped with all the other product pricing configuration. These popup quick editors are also new to Beta 4, replacing the inline quick editors used throughout the application due to feedback from previous betas.

When it comes to editing the pricing of complex products, such as albums, it’s easier and clearer than ever. We’ve also optimized it to handle larger and more complex products much more efficiently than before.

Jason and I are excited about today’s substantial Beta 4 release for many reasons. One significant update includes a major upgrade to our javascript framework that speeds up initial load so much that we’ve removed the loading screen. Another reason I’m personally excited about Beta 4 is that it means my focus now moves to the client-facing products, which are the last major components to deliver before we hit feature-complete status across all products and start planning the Early Access release schedule.

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  1. John
    John says:

    Sure. But I signed up for tave in October 2010 when v3 was promised in November. 9 months slippage. Come on guys!

  2. Nick
    Nick says:

    Hey John, It was promised LONG before then. Tave 3.0 is the Duke Nukem Forever of studio management software 😉

  3. Nicholas
    Nicholas says:

    I’ve also been waiting for 3.0 but eventually decided to sign-up with Tave & migrate all my client information over to their system regardless and 2.9 is powerful in itself you don’t really need 3.0. Once you have everything set-up the wait for 3.0 isn’t so brutal anymore, my advice to anyone waiting for 3.0 as a reason to sign-up is don’t – Tave changed the way I manage my business. Can’t wait for 3.0 myself but I’m satisfied with 2.9.

    • John
      John says:

      Yep, TAVE 2.9 does work for me and worth going for. But I do wonder about their development process…is this a one man and a dog dev team? Hope they don’t dissapear on us. Taking a beta to a full release over 12 months is not a typical professional dev cycle.

      • Jason Pirkey
        Jason Pirkey says:

        Oh no! I have been demoted to a dog! It is just Adrian and I doing development (well that and everything else) — we bit off more than we can chew (no dog pun intended LOL) and we have learned our lesson.

        After we launch T3, I really want to do a blog post and include some of the development statistics (lines of code that changed, number changelists submitted, number of database tables changed, dropped, added, etc) to give you guys an idea of the amount of work we put into this release — moreso because I really want to know myself and be able to show my wife where I have been the last year!

        Adrian and I are continuing to work hard to get this out to you guys as soon as possible! Thanks for your support!

        • Nicholas
          Nicholas says:

          Jason I think the only thing you guys are guilty of is dreaming too big, similar to Red with their Scarlet camera, you have my support Tave is a brilliant system. Once Tave 3 is done and dusted a blog post with code will never be able to convey the amount of work that went into it’s development. I don’t want to trust vital information to a rushed out project so take your time & don’t forget to spend some with your families.

    • Steve Fogarty
      Steve Fogarty says:

      I hate to say it, but if someone offered a migration utility that pulled all of my data out of Tave and over into ShootQ, I’d be gone.

      I’m so tired of typing in the same quote again and again and again from scratch. It’s hard to believe that I still can’t simply clone 3 or 4 standard quotes. SO ready for simpler streamlined workflow that works the way real wedding photographers work. I shouldn’t have to spend hours every day re-writing the same quote by hand.

      • Ian Mitchell
        Ian Mitchell says:

        Yeah, its annoying, but you dont have to type it in every time. Just create a word document with all your descriptions in it, then you can select a package or whatever from the drop down list and copy all your text over from the word document. Not ideal, but it will do until V3 is here.

  4. jk
    jk says:

    Sure they opened their mouths too soon but they are good hardworking people and I look forward to what they come up with.

  5. Ksenia
    Ksenia says:

    OK, here’s the truth I am a new photographer in the field and was looking for a good platform. Tested both ShootQ and Tave. Tave as it is now very limited in the e-mail communication with clients and makes ShootQ the ultimate winner. But their product management side completely sucks, no flexibility at all. Spend an hour playing with products to realize at the end that client can’t even see any of the options until they sign a contract. Are you kidding me???? Tave is so much better and more intuitive. I have a few days of trial left. Thinking about going with Tave. But creating a social media promotion will be too much of a hustle until we can get e-mail integration. And I desperately need that!!!!! Once it is out ShootQ bites the dust! Cause I prefer Tave over ShootQ even without having questionnaire, workflows and e-mail capabilities. I hope we will be getting that soon. Can’t wait! ;)))))

  6. Lara Lewis
    Lara Lewis says:

    I would be happy to wait forever for T3 if you could just release the questionnaires feature.

    Our questionnaires are such a massive part of our business, and critical to our films. The rest of T3 looks fab, and a wonderful step forward, but questionnaires is what I need sooner rather than later!!!!

    Anyway good luck to you all, and thank you for all the other work you do.

    Tave really is a great system and your customer support is always outstanding.

  7. Fiona Campbell Photography
    Fiona Campbell Photography says:

    Thanks for the blog post. A date for release would really help. And I’m with Lara on the questionnaire. Also I really need the new workflow system and the email communication. In the meantime I have made my own questionnaire by entering loads of questions in client profile and putting text boxes, but it’s not ideal… Starting to feel a bit grumpy about it. How long do you think it will be?

  8. Kevin Barre
    Kevin Barre says:

    I’ve been a Tavé use for about 18 months, or so. When I signed up, I was greeted with with the “3.0 Coming Soon: Now in Beta” hype. I bought into decent but slightly flawed studio software thinking that most of it would be fixed. About all that has been upgraded from my point of view since I joined is a decent (but still flawed) New Lead box on the front page and some upgraded neon colors. Woo hoo.

    Seriously, 3.0 has become the worst type of vaporware. Getting tired of hearing about it. Getting tired of seeing the 3.0 splash page when I log in. Getting REALLY tired of not being able to edit any info on the Tavé iPhone app. Makes me think hard about exploring other solutions for my business. I understand about “lines of code that changed, number changelists submitted, number of database tables changed, dropped, added, etc”, but dang.

  9. Tao
    Tao says:

    Forget about a release date for T3. I was merely asking if T3 will be reality in 2011 on Tave facebook, and my post got deleted. Come on, you don’t really want to send a signal that T3 is NOT coming in 2011, right?

    • Adrian Ziemkowski
      Adrian Ziemkowski says:

      Hi Tao. We don’t delete comments unless they are offensive (name calling, etc) or spam. Our default “wall” view is our posts, click on the “Most Recent” link at the top right of the Facebook Wall and you’ll see your post at the top.

      The best way to get a response from us is to use our Helpdesk, which we monitor throughout the day.

      In response to your specific question, we’re working on our final beta as we progress along the roadmap we published earlier; so yes of course it will be.

  10. Jeff
    Jeff says:

    So I had this dream the other day….. It was 2014… and we are still looking at the “Tave 3.0 Coming Soon” tag on the website as we log in 🙂

  11. Lito
    Lito says:

    Any specific date for the release of the T3? I need to have the 6 digits for my pricing in the Philippines so I can start using the software now. Thank you.

  12. Gary Munford
    Gary Munford says:

    I could not help but laugh….Another preview???? REALLY?? I told my clients recently I had a preview of there photos, but had no FREAKEN idea when they would be able to see them!!!! Of course I kept there money and promised them it would be soon. In the meantime I have allowed them to view them only online. WHAT A JOKE!!!!!! So TAVE managment what would you tell my clients???? Should they keep waiting with open end promises and no new updates?? Should they be given a discount for open in promises that still remain fulfilled?? SERIOUSLY guys or gals!! As a paying TAVE user I would like to know if we are going to be able to use new product in the next 2-3 months?? I think all TAVE users should demand to know and let them know there frustration.

    • Adrian Ziemkowski
      Adrian Ziemkowski says:

      Damned if we do, damned if we don’t. We started showing previews because people wanted to see what we were doing, why it was such a major release, get a feel for the new app, etc. Then people started getting upset at us posting previews that we were doing at their request, getting more upset with each post as if it was all a big tease.

      So we’re just focusing on development now. We’ve been open with our roadmap; we have one beta release left (it’s a big one; adding all the client facing components), and then we shift to early access where all studios can not only try 3.0 on their own schedule but actually switch to it if they wish. As frustrated as you are, nobody is more anxious to get back into the rapid small-release schedule we used to be known for prior to 3.0 than us.

  13. Gary Munford
    Gary Munford says:

    The previews are great and show the new product. However, the problem is time frame. With being a year overdue its concerning that no launch date is in site. If TAVE could give an approx time frame of completion ie next 3 months or next summer this would give more to go on. I would rather have a time frame than a preview of a product.

  14. Jeanne
    Jeanne says:

    You guys are doing great.. and very bravely facing the mob! I understand folks’ frustration, but the situation is what it is so everyone’s just got to make do — or leave if you must, but threatening the devs here about going to the competitors isn’t going to make things go any faster. 2.9 still beats the crap out of emailing forms back and forth with clients and keeping track of scraps of paper all over the place!

    Can’t wait for the launch! Gogogo Jason and Adrian!!

  15. Rene
    Rene says:

    Looking forward to 3.0 coming out. Not a user yet, but the 3.0 previews look exciting.

    As a web developer and previous web-based software developer, I understand and empathize with development timelines. An 18-month development cycle for two guys is not worrisome. I’d much rather have a stable functioning platform than a release that causes frustration for users and becomes support-ticket generation software.

    As far as only having “tow guys”, remember Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, Mark Zuckerberg??? Keep up the good work! 😉

    Us small biz Togs NEED a good and affordable system like this. From all the forum posts and support blogs I read, the other solutions out there are NOT getting rave reviews from most Togs. I pray you guys can deliver 3.0!

    You probably have all the beta testers you need, but please let me know if I can be of service.

    Patiently awaiting 3.0! 😉

    • Jeff
      Jeff says:

      The mistake (and I think they know it) was all of this “Coming soon” nonsense. And then leaving it up for like 1.5 years or so until they kindof became a big joke about it. We make jokes now amongst us photographers about what will come first…. Tave 3.0 or the economic recovery. haha.
      The ‘Coming Soon’ just seems to all of us now as a way to get new subscribers and to raise capitol maybe for the development of 3. Meaning maybe they announced ‘coming soon’ before they even started it.
      Kindof like if Canon said… we have the new Canon 5d Mark 3, and it’s coming soon, release date in 30 days, and they haven’t even started testing, production, development yet

      • Adrian Ziemkowski
        Adrian Ziemkowski says:

        We always thought it was more complete than it actually ended up being. The original announced date though was because we thought we had found a way to easily migrate most of the pages in the app to the new designs and behaviors with very little manual work. It eventually became clear it wasn’t going to be _that_ easy, but we thought it was still quite doable until there was no chance we’d make the deadline and we resumed the original full rework. We should have reset the homepage back at that point, but thought it would look like we had stopped work on it. There’s also the issue that the homepage is managed by the old T2 legacy app and is a real pain to work with and since T3 was coming soon, which includes moving the app to its own subdomain and using WordPress to manage the homepage design, it made sense to wait… or so we thought.

  16. Tim Wirick
    Tim Wirick says:

    So…when is Táve 4 coming out? 😉

    Fortunately, 2.whatever has been awesome and I don’t believe our studio would be where it is without it. You all do some amazing stuff, and can’t wait to see 3.0. Maybe a great desert to Thanksgiving??? 🙂

    Thank you for all the work you’ve done.


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