When we began work on Beta 5, our final beta, in early August, we were aiming for a 2 month release schedule. It appears we’ll be pretty close to that goal as we’re now down to 10 points for this iteration in our project plan (our points are averaging about one day). Beta 5 is extremely exciting, as it completely replaces our client facing pages from T2, bringing far more attractive default designs, superior browser compatibility, and many more features. We’ll go deeper into it in our Beta 5 preview in two weeks.

In the meantime, I’d like to illustrate how some of the fairly simple changes in T3 can have a huge impact on what you get out of the system, by sharing a preview of the new sidebars from the Jobs and Contacts homepages. The Job section opens with an overview highlighting revenue (including a small chart), jobs that need attention, upcoming payments, etc. The Contacts section however, which replaces the Clients and Vendors sections, is more of an address book and thus opens directly to your full contact list.

One of the things we’ve been hearing about in T2 is that it isn’t always easy to get to your open leads or booked jobs, check account balances, or export only certain items. With the new lists in T3, all of that and more is available with a quick click (filtering is no longer required). We’ve also added a few other useful features here, like being able to star jobs and contacts that you want to quickly access later, to allowing bulk changes to the items (such as deleting or completing multiple items at once).

We’ve mentioned in earlier posts how contacts in T3 can be re-used around the app, being a client here, a subject there, and a vendor on another job. These lists bring all that together. For instance, adding a contact as a vendor on a job automatically adds them to the vendors list, rather than having a separate Vendors section as we do in T2.

Speaking of organizing important items, we also replaced the “Attention Needed” box on the homepage, which had a tendency to get rather massive for busy studios by listing each item right there, with a new “Right Now” summarized snapshot of your studio that links various item counts to these new lists.

These screenshots were taken with my test studio, so your actual data will make more sense than mine.

In Closing

We’ve had mixed reaction to our preview posts, with some feeling reassured that we’re doing the right thing and on track but others feeling teased by them. So we’ve spent the last couple months (as we in hurricane country say) “hunkered down” focused on development of this final beta, knowing that what everybody really wants (us included!) is the final T3 release announcement. Once Beta 5 completes the beta process, we intend to ramp up our communication significantly.

Until then, and as always, we’re available via Helpdesk. Thank you for your support!

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  1. Brian
    Brian says:

    Looking forward to Tave 3.0, and getting excited that it will be released soon! Even though it has taken a while, it is definitely better to hold the release until it is stable.

  2. Stefan Segers
    Stefan Segers says:

    Hi Adrian,

    I am also looking forward to version 3.0. The only thing I might be a bit afraid of is like Microsoft does. They make a brand new operating system that does the same, but looks “better”.
    All people how use it need to learn it again and again. That is one of the reasons I switched to Mac in 2004.

    OSX gets updates but they are easy to find and everything still looks the same. Here and there some guy improvements.

    So I hope T3 won’t be too much new stuff that will people be afraid of to use.

    Good luck the upcoming days

  3. Joe
    Joe says:

    The 3GS was the best iPhone when Tave 3 was announced. There have since been **two** new iPhones released, but no Tave 3. 🙂

  4. Francis
    Francis says:

    Just can’t wait the preview release and even more… the early access release!!!
    Knowing that T3 is coming is the only thing that is keeping me with you guys cause T2 miss some “huge” important feature for me (like compound tax).

    Stefan = Well for now, we will have to learn again T3 cause the UI is changing a lot!!! But I think this new interface will be more “modular” for futur feature and we will (I think) stick with T3 UI for a loooonnnnggggg time.

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