The holidays brought with them some major Táve 3 developments!

Those of you following @TaveStudio on Twitter may have seen that we launched our first Táve 3 studio on Monday. Of course my lovely wife and extremely talented Karen Lisa was the first to make the jump. We look forward to many new Táve 3 tutorials from her soon!

Since Monday, we’ve launched 5 more studios. Once these studios report that they’re all set up and actively using the system without any show stoppers, we’ll start inviting the rest of our 75 beta studios to go live with 3.0 “Early Access” as well. Then, once those studios have upgraded and report the same success and we have the system better documented, we’ll begin sending invitations out to existing Táve 2 subscribers to preview or upgrade their accounts. After that calms down we’ll put together a new public website and open up direct registration to Táve 3.

We’re calling it “Early Access” and rolling it out in stages because there’s still some important work to be done (such as mobile access), testing to be done (we haven’t done much testing outside of Google’s Chrome browser), and the 3.0 documentation is very limited. But even so, Táve 3 has advanced to the point that we believe it’s the better version for most of our users, especially considering all the amazing new features! Since we’ve designed the upgrade system to be user controlled and provide a way to preview your account in Táve 3, it makes sense to provide access earlier than if we had to meet the needs of all of our users at once for a system-wide simultaneous upgrade.

How long until everybody is invited to upgrade? That depends on how well each one of the steps outlined above goes, so there’s no way to say for sure, but we’re striving to get it out as quickly as possible. We’ll keep our Twitter account and Facebook page updated with the latest progress, so follow them if you want the latest details as we go. When you’re invited, we’ll send an email to your studio’s email address listed in Táve 2. If you don’t have a Táve 2 account, sign up for our Táve 3 newsletter on our homepage so you’re emailed when general registration is opened.

I try to include previews in our blog posts, but in celebration of the 3.0 Early Access release, why not check out an actual live Táve 3 demo questionnaire I created using the default brand theme?

Have a happy new year!