The holidays brought with them some major Táve 3 developments!

Those of you following @TaveStudio on Twitter may have seen that we launched our first Táve 3 studio on Monday. Of course my lovely wife and extremely talented Karen Lisa was the first to make the jump. We look forward to many new Táve 3 tutorials from her soon!

Since Monday, we’ve launched 5 more studios. Once these studios report that they’re all set up and actively using the system without any show stoppers, we’ll start inviting the rest of our 75 beta studios to go live with 3.0 “Early Access” as well. Then, once those studios have upgraded and report the same success and we have the system better documented, we’ll begin sending invitations out to existing Táve 2 subscribers to preview or upgrade their accounts. After that calms down we’ll put together a new public website and open up direct registration to Táve 3.

We’re calling it “Early Access” and rolling it out in stages because there’s still some important work to be done (such as mobile access), testing to be done (we haven’t done much testing outside of Google’s Chrome browser), and the 3.0 documentation is very limited. But even so, Táve 3 has advanced to the point that we believe it’s the better version for most of our users, especially considering all the amazing new features! Since we’ve designed the upgrade system to be user controlled and provide a way to preview your account in Táve 3, it makes sense to provide access earlier than if we had to meet the needs of all of our users at once for a system-wide simultaneous upgrade.

How long until everybody is invited to upgrade? That depends on how well each one of the steps outlined above goes, so there’s no way to say for sure, but we’re striving to get it out as quickly as possible. We’ll keep our Twitter account and Facebook page updated with the latest progress, so follow them if you want the latest details as we go. When you’re invited, we’ll send an email to your studio’s email address listed in Táve 2. If you don’t have a Táve 2 account, sign up for our Táve 3 newsletter on our homepage so you’re emailed when general registration is opened.

I try to include previews in our blog posts, but in celebration of the 3.0 Early Access release, why not check out an actual live Táve 3 demo questionnaire I created using the default brand theme?

Have a happy new year!

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  1. Ric
    Ric says:

    Two Things:


    A. You say your releasing 3.0, kind of, sorta.
    B. You want to see how things go before a wide release.

    Isn’t this what beta testing is for?!

    What you’ve described in your note, “‘Early Access’ rollout begins!” is a beta process. If you’ve really been in beta up until now, all this functionality would have been QA’d, tested and debugged. And when you’re ready to release it, you call it “Release,” not “Early Access,” which as I read your description is a euphemism for “more delays, but we didn’t want to say more delays, so we’ll call it ‘Early Access’ and see if we can trick you into sticking around a little longer until we really get our acts together.”

    Either call it “beta” or “General Release” and stop wasting our time with these silly updates.

    Also, another, “see how things go” timeline. If you guys really knew what you were doing there wouldn’t be so much guess work.

    • Jason Pirkey
      Jason Pirkey says:

      Hey Rick,

      I agree with you that this is really a traditional beta — we even told the studios that were jumping on T3 live to consider this beta software. We did not want to call it “beta” to confuse it with the use of the term earlier in this project and “General Release” would only be true if we were giving it to all studios, so we wanted something between the two and “Early Access” sounded better than “Gamma”.

      Our beta phase did not help us out as much as we were hoping — this is mostly our fault since we had such a long development cycle in the beta process and since we don’t have a QA department (as it is just Adrian and I doing everything — help desk, development, etc). We have a little over 10 studios right now using T3 live and working rapidly to resolve issues as they come up . We plan to continue the rollout by doubling that number by the end of the week and then again doubling the number of studios invited to T3 each week thereafter.


  2. Ric
    Ric says:


    Not much testing outside of Chrome? Seriously?

    Worldwide usage share for the top 3 browsers, Dec. 2011 (according to StatCounter):
    1. IE: 43%
    2. Firefox: 28%
    3. Chrome: 20%

    Safari, Opera and others make up the rest.

    Here’s U.S. usage share for the top 3 browsers, Dec. 2011 (according to StatCounter):
    1. IE: 47%
    2. Firefox: 24%
    3. Chrome: 16%

    Safari, Opera and others make up the rest.

    I’m sure Chrome use is greater in creative communities. For grins, let’s say it’s 50%. That still leaves 50% of the market for which you haven’t accounted and tested.

    Lastly, from a business and PR standpoint, you are much better off not sharing information like, “haven’t done much testing outside of,” “we believe it’s the better version,” “How long until everybody is invited to upgrade? That depends on how well each one of the steps outlined above goes, so there’s no way to say for sure, but we’re striving to get it out as quickly as possible.”

    Statements like these only further erode whatever goodwill you might have left with your installed base. Just tell us when it’s ready to go.

    • Adrian Ziemkowski
      Adrian Ziemkowski says:

      Jason replied to your previous comment, so I’ll just address the new items…

      On browser share:

      Our visitors rarely reflect the global enterprise browser trends; in fact, according to Google Analytics, in the past 30 days only 4.58% of our app traffic is using Internet Explorer while 65.25% of our app traffic has been using desktop webkit browsers. Only 26.13% of our app traffic is using Windows. Even besides that, Chrome has the most capable development tools, so it makes sense for development (it also helps that it’s so great with tons of tabs and supports multiple profiles for isolating sessions). Usually if we run into a browser-specific issue, it’s with IE, not Firefox… so for the most part we’ve waited to verify the bottom 4% case. As it happens, Jason actually spends a lot of his testing time in Firefox in addition to Chrome (while I spend my dev time in Chrome).

      On PR:

      We lost the “PR standpoint” when we first decided to change the development plan and delay the previously announced release so instead it’s about being frank and simply getting it out there. Posting a blog post announcing that users are now being invited to go live with T3 fits that, as does our assessment of it. The only way to bring back the goodwill is to release it to everybody soon and as polished as possible and returning to the rapid release schedules we were known for before the T3 effort. And that’s the plan.

      – Adrian

    • Sean Molin
      Sean Molin says:

      I used Firefox for years, and was a die-hard. Tried Chrome when it was only days old and saw potential, but it was a far-cry from the awesomeness of Firefox. Fast forward a couple years and I tried Chrome again.


      Chrome really is the best browser out there right now. If you haven’t tried it recently, you should give it another go.

  3. Francis
    Francis says:

    I agree with both sides, but I much rather have honest feedback from Tave team than PR lies (or no feedback at all). T3 is coming along and for now T2 help’s me getting the job done. Of course I can’t wait and I’m all exited about the product but even so, I prefer to use T2 then an unfinished T3 for my clients.

  4. Ric Mershon
    Ric Mershon says:

    Thanks for the responses Jason and Adrian. I seem to remember a 90 days to general release back in August, that date is now 60 days ago, and based on what I’m reading here, we’re back to “We really don’t know.”

    Any chance we’ll see it in 2012? (not meant as a dig…really–will we see it this year?)

  5. Ric
    Ric says:

    Re: The full release is to be announced in a couple weeks

    *Sarcasm on*

    Whatever. If this group told me the sun rose in the East, I would question it. If they told me the Earth was round, I would question it. If they told me the Earth revolved around the Sun, I would question it. If they told me George Washington was the first president of the United States, I would question it. If they told me a square had 4 equal angles, I would question it. If they told me that gravity prevents me from flying off into outer space, I would question it.

    *Sarcasm off*

    (Just following George’s suggestion. 🙂 )

  6. Ric
    Ric says:

    In all seriousness, how about an update.

    I just moved to ShootQ but kept my Tave account alive because it was going to be out “soon” and wanted to keep my options open.

    Can’t say I’m crazy about ShootQ, so when can I have Tave 3 so I can determine whether to sever ties completely?

    • Adrian Ziemkowski
      Adrian Ziemkowski says:

      Yes you can create quote templates and proposal templates to quickly add them to a job. You can even add them directly to the new lead worksheet, booking the quote template and recording a payment right from there. 🙂

  7. Sean Molin
    Sean Molin says:

    I actually held back on certain developments in anticipation of Tave 3 from LAST November (2010)… and over a year later, I need to get moving on it. I didn’t want to invest time in a questionaire system when I “knew one was coming”, for example.

    This is my slow time of the year, and I don’t care if it’s beta. I’m ready for it now so I have a couple months to really put it through its paces before spring time hits.

  8. Gary
    Gary says:

    Like to know where i stand on the rollout? I am sure life timers will take another month to roll out at this pace. We are opening a studio next week and would be nice to have this up and running. We have actually been delaying part of our migration due to waiting on 3 to be rolled out. Promises were made we would see in nov and dec and now Jan. Please either email me in private or post here where our studio is on the list.

    I would like for you to look on your list and tell me the week my rollout is coming. I am sure
    You have a list of sudios since doubling weekly. We have been using you for over two years and the least you can do is respond to this timeframe. Please dont give an answer very soon since i have been a long excisting customer. I want the specific week, date or year my roll out is going to be.

    • Jason Pirkey
      Jason Pirkey says:

      It sounds like the rollout process might need to be clarified a little. All we are doing is sending out invites. It is up to the studio to decide when the migration takes place. We are not waiting for all the lifetimes to fully migrated before we invite the beta group and we will not wait for all the beta group to fully migrate before we send out the invitations for the current subscribers.

      We’ll be wrapping up the lifetime phase with tonight’s batch of invites. So we’ll have already worked through half the beta group since starting that process last week. From there the “list” isn’t a spreadsheet or anything, but instead just a database query ordered by how long the studio has been subscribed. As you said, you’ve been with us for a while so you’ll closer to the top of the list and we still plan to have all invitations sent out by the end of the month regardless.

      • Robin
        Robin says:

        Damn, that means I’m well down the list – June 2011. Look forward to the invite nonetheless.



      • Benjamin Aho
        Benjamin Aho says:

        “…we still plan to have all invitations sent out by the end of the month regardless.”

        I really, really….. really hope that this is true, but I have to be honest… I will believe it when I see it. Will this invitation that is supposed to happen by the end of the month be a fully functioning Tave? Will all my information be migrated from 2.9 to 3.0 automatically?

        ::Sigh:: I’ve been really patient for about a year, without saying anything… Which is quite an accomplishment for me. Please make this happen… please. There would be nothing worse than trying to get this whole thing set-up and figured out during the wedding season.

        • Robin
          Robin says:

          Whoop! Thanks Adrian, I don’t want to give anyone a hard time – you’ve all worked really hard and offered top class support since day one. You’re years ahead of the competition, especially shootq and Light Blue here in the UK.

          Keep up the good work, can’t wait for the month to end! 🙂

        • Adrian Ziemkowski
          Adrian Ziemkowski says:

          The invitation simply unlocks the migration system for your account. From there you can initiate a preview or perform the full upgrade. The preview creates a temporary account in T3 with a copy of your T2 data and leaves T2 active. Going live on the other hand disables T2 and makes T3 your primary system.

          Both actions are user-initiated with a click of a button. 🙂

  9. Gary Munford
    Gary Munford says:

    So this is the week Jason, Adrian and Karen!! We are all expecting the release of Tave 3.0 as promised once again. I really hope you can deliver. If not its going to be very disappointing and frankly embarrassing. We have been getting open ended promises for over 1 1/2 years and it time to deliver!! Please don’t give the excuse that studios will be getting there invite over the next 12 mo or your still working on Betas. You promised this week and I expect my invite since signing up and paying for Tave 2.0 with the promise of Tave 3.0 around the corner. If you can’t deliver on your promise I challenge you to let us know before the week begins. Otherwise your just stringing us along. So as you promised the release will be in my inbox this week correct. Please post yes or no here on Facebook so we can all see the final outcome. **** Yes or No will do*** No answers with fluff BS in between Please

    • Roman
      Roman says:

      I totally agree. T3 was promised to be released soon when we were in Las Vegas for the WPPI 2010!
      The trust in Tave has faded away with every announcement for almost two years now! And if you lose trust, you lose everything!

  10. Gary
    Gary says:

    What so funny is now Tues and have seen nothing. If I don’t have something by this week I am going to look into fraud and intrapment. I know where they have delayed several studios from using software for the business that was promised over 1 1/2 years ago while luring others thinking Tave 3 was around the corner. From what I understand Tave 3 not fully working right either. Whats so funny is they promise updates. Guess those will be in 2014. I am vested with all my clients info and money so very hard to just up and switch. I have a feeling this is there intent. I have heard nothing back from Tave from my last posting not even a simple yes or no answer to my question. What a Joke!! Anyone looking into Tave I would be very leery of trusting anything they tell you. So here is the challenge again…Will I see an invite this week Yes or No Tave????

    • Jason Pirkey
      Jason Pirkey says:

      I replied to your facebook comment. I think we have learned our lesson on discussing future plans; unless you seriously think that we like getting bashed like this. As mentioned before, all invites will be sent by the end of the month.

      • Ric Mershon
        Ric Mershon says:

        What you should learn is that you don’t string people along.
        What you should learn is that you don’t make commitments unless you’re 100% sure you can deliver.
        What you should learn is how to manage software products and their life-cycles.

        If you’re a little late on something, maybe the lesson is as you say. If you’re almost 2 YEARS late, the lesson are as listed above.

        Base on your comments, what I really think you’ve learned is nothing.

  11. Gary
    Gary says:

    Problem is Jason its one lie after another….I have been told that being a long time customer I should be part of the early invites when they actually do role out. Now you are promising by the end of the week all roll outs for everyone. That means everyone joining Tave under 6 mo will also have the roll out same time as someone with over 3 years vested. Its just a load of CRAP coming from you guys. I am very frustrated and think you should stick to what you promise. I challenge you to have my invite sent out today!!

    This was quoted by you Jason “you’ve been with us for a while so you’ll closer to the top of the list and we still plan to have all invitations sent out by the end of the month regardless.” REALLY???????????????????

    • Adrian Ziemkowski
      Adrian Ziemkowski says:

      > I challenge you to have my invite sent out today!!
      You call us names, harass us, libel us, mislead visitors, and crosspost “flame bait” and expect preferential treatment?

      You do realize that quote about all studios being invited by the end of this month is from this month right?

      As the quote says, all of our users will have access by the end of the month, including yours.

      • Ric Mershon
        Ric Mershon says:

        You have some nerve talking to paying clients in this tone. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a rep of a company address clients in this way.

        You created this mess, not us! We’re to blame for being impatient because YOU missed a commitment YOU first promised about TWO YEARS ago?

        I don’t know to what you’re referring as libel, etc., but it’s not libel if it’s the truth. And again, you have some nerve leveling accusations at your clients in a public forum!

        • Adrian Ziemkowski
          Adrian Ziemkowski says:

          I’m sorry if it came across that way. For the record that was in reply to several dozen extremely aggressive attack posts, often cross-posted between both the blog and facebook. This was simply an attempt to end a stream of hostile personal attacks, which it did, and not an attack. If you look at the rest of our replies, both to Gary and others, on this blog and Facebook, I think you’ll see we’ve taken the heat quite well.

          We understand the reasons behind the frustration; we’re sympathetic toward the frustration. We’re not even trying to defend the past here, the long and winding road to today, that would just be excuses. We understand that the product itself and our onward progress from its release is the only thing that will improve the situation, we’re just asking that the conversation be civil and within certain community norms.

  12. Gary Munford
    Gary Munford says:

    I have been a paying customer for years, so you bet I am going to hold you libel. You promised a product which has not been delivered. I would hate to think what would happen if I provided this type of service to my customers. I would image they would be irate also. I am not asking for preferential treatment, just what has been promised. Your staff has stated on many occasions that long time Tave users would be on the first roll outs (of course after the life time subscribers and betas). Per your staff the roll out was suppose to start much sooner, but now its just starting this week for everyone?? This was also quoted by your staff —-” We are not waiting for all the lifetimes to fully migrated before we invite the beta group and we will not wait for all the beta group to fully migrate before we send out the invitations for the current subscribers.” Its less than one week to go and I thought my studio would be prior to someone joining 3-6 mo ago. I would think since the numbers were “doubling” we would be further along. We will see how that goes?? As stated really tired of hearing something without it being delivered.

    Quote “You do realize that quote about all studios being invited by the end of this month is from this month right?”
    I was promised this back in 2010—so sorry being promised this month means nothing. Im ready for you to deliver.

    Sorry you look at this as Harassment or you think I’m misleading your visitors. Others have been speaking out for months if not longer about this fiasco. Nothing stated has been misleading, but informative of the way Tave has been handling there release “as promised” of Tave 3. What’s misleading is telling us one thing and then not delivering time and time again.

  13. Robin
    Robin says:

    Gary, Roman and everyone.

    This is not the place to publicly air your problems. Tave version 2 works brilliantly, yes, some improvements would be great – but sweet mercy, catch yourselves on. I’m just as keen to get going with v3 but my studio is running just fine on v2 and so is yours.

    If you have a problem with the way they’ve handled the release, write them an email, call them – but don’t publicly harass them. Imagine this was your Blog and your bride was carrying on like this, you’d have the comments disabled and hoping no one saw the post. So please, have a coke and a smile and wait.

    • Ric Mershon
      Ric Mershon says:

      Huh? Mercy? Catch ourselves? We shouldn’t be pissed because something has been promised over and over and over, with the result being strung along? Are you kidding? They’re lucky someone doesn’t report them to the Better Business Bureau.

    • Tao
      Tao says:

      I agree with Robin. I was frustrated as hell but am excited to finally meet T3. I’ve been following this thread and see a few complaints have gone from mild to severe. Perhaps contacting T3 directly would be more effective in getting those concerns addressed.

  14. jk
    jk says:

    I agree with Robin. Thumbs up to Tave for responding and keeping this open. Yeah, they kinda painted themselves into a corner and I am sure they are kicking themselves for it… but these guys aren’t some heartless big company that needs to be sued or whatever and I believe they truly do care. I am almost certain that this stress impacts their lives a lot. They are in a “damned if you do damned if you don’t” scenario. Lets just wait until the end of the month and then everything will be back to normal. The only reason we are all a tad frustrated aside from these delays is because Tave is already a great product at a great price whether it be version 2 or 3.

  15. Kelly Prizel
    Kelly Prizel says:

    I know we will get an invitation by the end of the month, but with the recent blog post about emails going to spam, is there anyway in Tave itself to see if we have been invited already? I know you are doing it by length of studio being with you and since I have been with Tave since 09/09 I would think I would be towards the front end of getting an invite (but I know it’s not that simple). I just want to make sure I’m not missing it somehow! I can’t wait to get my hands on it and my new studio manager starts in 2 weeks so I want to get crackin’ 😀

  16. Geoff Ball
    Geoff Ball says:

    Gary and Ric: You are probably upset right now, and I was frustrated too, but some of your comments do not reflect positively on you and are driven by rage. Sure, Adrian and Jason made a mistake in forecasting the release of T3, but they have made every effort since then to rectify their business protocol. They’ve even stated this publicly — countless times.

    I’m really not in a place to judge your actions, but I don’t think it’s fair how your bashing them publicly so much. Vent in private to them all you want, complain to the BBB if you want (although they reject claims with foul language, so that might be tough), but don’t bash them repeatedly while ignoring the core of their responses.

    Thanks for listening,

  17. Natasja
    Natasja says:

    I’m super excited to be migrating to v3. Question though: do I have to be on the migration page where it counts down my status on the queue? It’s been on the same one for about a little over an hour, and wanted to know if I can just close the window

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