Tonight we’re publishing our 2012.11 release. This release brings some big updates to the calendar system that we didn’t want to hold back while we work hard on our truly massive 2013.1 release (our biggest release since T3 saw daylight! but I’m getting ahead of myself).

24-Month Availability Calendar

One of the most visible changes is a new 24-month availability calendar popup, which can be accessed from anywhere simply by clicking on the new calendar icon in the navigation bar.

In addition, we’ve added the availability styling to the calendar navigation on the Agenda:

Multi-user Calendars

Our studios with multiple users will find a lot to love in this release. In the screenshots above you’ll notice they both contain assignment filters which let you limit the calendar to specific users or to events that haven’t been assigned an employee attendee. This new filter shows up throughout the app anywhere an agenda is displayed, including the schedule quick editor and the new lead worksheet:

What’s more, we’ve created separate per-employee calendar feedsso each employee can subscribe to their individual calendar. Head over to the Calendar page in Settings to grab these new feeds.

Stay tuned for the second of three “mini releases” that make up the 2012.11 release!

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    • Adrian Ziemkowski
      Adrian Ziemkowski says:

      Karen and I are only midway through season 2 right now. To check the names for my screenshots I pulled up the Walking Dead Wikia page on the characters… and… what was seen… cannot be unseen… oh the spoilers :-/

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