Overnight we published Jason’s Release 2013.6, in which he added an important new “Location” contact type, maps, and sunrise/sunset times.

Setting a location or venue for an event was never particularly straight forward, as the number of questions we receive in our public chatroom or helpdesk made clear. So we’ve gone in and simplified the entire process of working with locations and extended it to make it even more useful.

Here’s an example of the reworked event editor showing the Táve office as this event’s location:

Updated event editor with locations, sunrise/sunset, and a map

Once we set the location, the sunrise and sunset details appear and the map zooms in on the location.

Lots of smaller updates and fixes were also rolled into in this release, so head on over to the Release Log for the full details.

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  1. DeShelia
    DeShelia says:

    I’m loving the location update. I’m on on location lifestyle photographer so this field is very important for me and my staff. Thank you for making such a greatly needed improvement. I rarely used this feature before because it wasn’t straight forward. I’ve already updated all the shoots from this year with the location information. Keep bringing us enhancement likes these. It’s much appreciated.

  2. Katie
    Katie says:

    Can this be emailed to a client. I often set a location and then have to figure out how to email a map and address to my client. It would be so easy if that could be done straight from this page.

      • Katie
        Katie says:

        Yes! Please add a placeholder for the location/map. That would be perfect! Or a way to email the schedule page to the client that would confirm their session time and location.

  3. Robyn
    Robyn says:

    LOVE LOVE this feature! We are everywhere with our photobooths so this is perfect for us!
    Couldn’t get it to work in IE though pop up box kept disappearing??????
    Thanks also for the tip with the moving workflow phases using IE as not working in Chrome.

  4. Karen
    Karen says:

    I am looking at moving away from my current company to yours and I’m wondering if there is a way to enter multiple locations for one event, i.e. ceremony and reception. I couldn’t quite tell from your web site tour. Thanks!

  5. Jason Pirkey
    Jason Pirkey says:

    @Karen: When you are referring to Event, that is our Job. Our Event is just a block of time on the calendar. A Job can have multiple events and each event can have a location. So you would just setup multiple events (one for ceremony, one for reception) with the respective time and location for each event in that Job.

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