Over the past 2 weeks I’ve published support for 6 more payment gateways. In fact, several studios have already set up and started using these new payment gateways. The list of new payment gateways includes Bank of America, Beanstream, Braintree, Merchant Warehouse, Stripe, and WorldPay.


2013-7 New Payment Gateways

Have another gateway you’d love to see added? Please let us know (besides Square that is, as they unfortunately don’t provide a third-party API, as they note here). While I’m now switching gears to join in on Adrian’s next major release, the framework is in place to easily add additional payment gateways outside of our standard release roadmap.

To utilize one of these new payment gateways or to get contact information for priority registration, head over to the Settings section and visit the Payment Gateways page.  Add the credit card option at the bottom of the list and then select the gateway you want to use:

Payment Gateways section of Settings.


One last thing: For those of you using Google Checkout, don’t forget that the service joins the frustratingly vast ranks of beloved yet retired Google services soon, so you will need to switch to another payment provider by November 30th, 2013. They suggest Braintree, which offers a simple flat rate fee structure without maintenance fees or minimums and supports merchants located in the United States, Canada, Australia, and Europe. Braintree also happens to be the gateway we use to manage all subscriptions inside Táve.

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  1. Jason Pirkey
    Jason Pirkey says:

    Hey Gary,

    I have that already on my list. When I don’t feel like doing what I am supposed to be doing for our upcoming release, I might knock that out.

    Thanks for the suggestion!


    • Gary
      Gary says:

      YES!!! That would be great and really make things much smoother. Things have really come a long way since T2. I LOVE the addition of the sunrise/sunset. As a Hawaii beach photographer I always have to keep track of that…..now it’s right in front of me as I book the session. Keep up the good work.

  2. Bill Edwards
    Bill Edwards says:

    How about adding Costco merchant services (Elavon)? I have it at my studio now and only pay 1.38% + 19c for terminal swiped transactions — for mobile / internet it is 1.99% + 25c. If you gross 100k in charge transactions that extra 1% can save a thousand dollars in a year. Would love to see this option on the Gateways list!

  3. Nishant
    Nishant says:

    For Tave users in India, none of these payment gateways provide service in India. We have a very good payment gateway http://www.instamojo.com that provides APIs for integration. I would request Tave to look into this payment gateway integration with instamojo . It’ll help all photographers in India to have that perfect workflow on Tave!

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