I’m proud to announce that our biggest release ever has reached an important milestone today; we’ve released Táve 4 to our Quality Assurance team. If you’ve filed any help desk tickets lately you may be familiar with Booker and Chris, who have been helping us focus our attention on this release and will now assist us in delivering it.

Táve Version 4

We’ve been working on aspects of this release since last September and Jason and I moved to full-time development in December. Since then we’ve previewed early iterations at Imaging USA and WPPI. If you’re interested in seeing some of the early screenshots taken during those shows, just join the Táve Users Group on Facebook to browse these two private albums in the group: a comprehensive Feature tour at Imaging USA from January and a smaller preview of T4 Updates at WPPI showing changes since Imaging USA the month before, including our new mobile-responsive design.

We’ll announce a release date once the system has been fully vetted, any significant issues resolved, and our new community-editable in-app documentation (another new feature) is sufficiently comprehensive. Please keep in mind that this release is massive, even eclipsing our Táve 3 release three years ago, having submitted our 2,800th source code revision earlier today. Because of the scope and breadth of this release and our focus on quality, we anticipate spending some time in this stage, so keep an eye out for our next Táve 4 post.