This month has been a big one for Táve. The team and I were at one of the biggest photography conferences that Táve attends. We got to show off the app to a huge number of new people as well as meet some of our existing users in person. It was electric.

I was also honored to be brought on in a new capacity.  As Adrian mentioned in his recent blog post, Táve has gone from a team of two to a team of seven in the last year alone.  (I’m a little bit biased but I have to say that our support people are amazing. If you haven’t chatted with them, definitely reach out and say hi.)

This growth has been because of you guys. Your support and contributions to each other in the Facebook User Group is invaluable. Your push to drive Táve forward through enhancement suggestions, bug reports, and some crazy awesome feature requests is energizing. You guys have built a community and I am so humbled to be a part of it. It’s because of this community that I accepted the position of Vice President of Product.

The most important thing that this means for you is that I will be your advocate. As a full time photographer myself, I know what goes into the day-to-day of running your own photography business. I’m listening to you guys, hearing what you need, understanding your specific use cases and making a case for you as we drive forward with the app. Again, your contributions directly affect the direction we take.

We’ve just released a massive list of bug fixes today. And now, in collaboration with the team, I’m building a road map for continued improvements as well as some pretty kickass new features.

So I ask you, continue to give us your feedback be it good or bad. Continue to dream big with your feature requests and enhancements. (I still want Automations to make me coffee). And while not every feature request will be implemented and not every bug will be fixed immediately, together as a community we can continue to make Táve one of the best studio management softwares available.

Thank you for being a part of #teamtave.


If you’d like to see some of the major enhancements of the release we just launched, check out the video below!

The last few months since the release of Táve 4 have been quite exciting. The resulting unprecedented growth has allowed us to significantly expand the Táve Team. We’ve gone from a two-man team this time last year to a team of seven, many of whom you’re likely familiar with if you’ve messaged us, attended one of our new weekly webinars, or participated in the Facebook Táve User Group.

Topher SimonI’m pleased to announce that one of the newest members of our team, Topher Villasimón, has stepped up to the role of Vice President of Product. Already this year, he has reorganized our support team and the process in which we respond to incoming messages to improve both our response times and the way we track issues and feature requests. He’s also overseeing our How-to site and is even working on a new and far more accessible documentation site to make it easier to dive deep into Táve.

Topher has also worked with Jason and me to create a new development, testing, and release process, as well as creating a roadmap of upcoming releases that balance and prioritize features and issues from our backlog into more manageably sized releases. The first of these releases is ready for publication when we return to the office from WPPI, while the second is in active development and the third and fourth are being outlined and sized.

By far, Topher’s most important function as VP of Product is that of customer advocate. While my background in cinema and photography lead to the creation of Táve, the majority of my time at Táve today is consumed by feature design and development. Táve’s mission of helping creative small businesses like yours to build a stronger and more profitable business depends not on my experience but on your day-to-day experience running your business with Táve. For that we need to hear from you, we need to know what you need, and we need to weave that knowledge into the development of the best possible product for your business. For that, Topher is your voice inside Táve.

If you’re attending WPPI, be sure to visit our booth (#1561) and meet Topher, Jason, and me, and share with us your thoughts and feedback. We’re also sharing a sneak peek of the release currently in development to get your feedback on our new streamlined approach to quoting, client driven quote upgrades, and simplified product configurations.

PS. Even if you can’t join us at WPPI this year, you can still take advantage of our double-bonus show special through the end of the week. This is our last special until “Black Friday”, so if you’re an admin, sign in and check out the details on your dashboard.