Hey #TeamTáve!

We just pushed out another slew of updates to the app.

For the full list of what’s included in this release check out the release notes here. If there is anything you would like explanation of, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Some highlights:

– Payment Gateways now are now known as Client Payment Methods and not only can you have any number of them, they can be brand specific. You can also specify a payment receipt quick response for each gateway. For more information about setting up a payment gateway, read our knowledge base article here.

– You now have the ability to do an export of your job lists. Just navigate to any of your lists in the side menu bar (All Leads, Open Jobs, Closed Jobs, etc) and you’ll find an export button at the top. This will create a CSV file with lots of great information in it! If you’re super nerdy like me, you can use these exports to create your own custom reports.

– Our referral program now credits you the entire bonus after the studio you refer makes their first payment. We also now reward the users you refer with a 60 day free trial (double our usual 30 day trial).