Táve Studio Manager is highly customizable and extremely powerful but sometimes that means that learning the system can be challenging.

Many of the features which make Táve so powerful are also interconnected. This means it’s not always clear in which order you should set up your account. We’ve heard the feedback about not knowing where to start and we listened.

We are proud and excited to present a completely revamped support site to make set up more straight forward, teach you the general flow of jobs in Táve, and help you dive into the more powerful features of app.


The model for the new support site is based on linear learning. A getting started page (including a printable check list) lays the foundation of setting up an account. With this foundation laid, you’ll be ready to go when starting to work with actual clients.

The getting started page then moves you to learning about Leads (the stage in which all jobs start in Táve). Once you’ve mastered turning leads into booked Jobs, you’ll learn about all of the powerful things you can do with Táve including Workflows, Automations, and Administration.

While the new support site covers a good majority of the system, don’t hesitate to let us know if you feel like there’s an article or explanation missing. We’ll be continuously refining and adding content to better serve you.

As always, we are available for support sessions or quick questions simply by messaging us through the help menu from inside the app.

Happy learning!

VP of Product