As a photography business owner, a large chunk of your time is spent in front of a computer. During that time, you might be working on adding your signature touch to images, updating your blog, and of course, answering emails.

Much of your communication with your clients happens through email, which can be time-consuming and often becomes a bottleneck. Rather than sitting in front of the computer composing similar messages to each of your clients, it is crucial that you find a way to streamline the email process.

Introducing, Email Templates for Wedding Photographers!

We’ve teamed up with ShootDotEdit to bring you free email templates that allow you to quickly create and send necessary automated messages to your clients, decreasing the amount of time you spend behind the computer!

These go hand-in-hand with Táve’s Quick Responses. Just go to Settings › Quick Responses and copy over these new templates to use right away!

These Email Templates provide you with:

– Simple ways to connect with clients during pre-booking
– Quick solutions to finalize pre-wedding details
– Access to immediate album and post-client communication
– BONUS: Additional templates for portrait sessions and headshots

Download the templates today!

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