Why should I use email templates in my business?

As you continue to grow your business and book new clients, you also receive an increase in your workload and tasks that must be completed. One of the tasks that takes much of your time is email communication.

We partnered with wedding photo editing company ShootDotEdit to bring you 49 Email Templates to save you time and speed up your workflow. Below, they share the top 8 email templates you need for your wedding photography business.

Often times, much of your communication with clients happens through email. Because so many of the emails you send are the same (or similar) between clients, email templates are a perfect solution to help you speed up the process and make only minimal changes each and every time. Our free email templates are available to make that area of your wedding workflow simple. Here is a list of the 8 most important to implement into your business first:

  1. New Inquiry Automated Response Email Template
  2. Detailed Inquiry Response Email Template
  3. Meeting Confirmation Email Template
  4. Contract Details Email Template
  5. Post-Booking Package Email Template
  6. Vendor Referral Email Template
  7. Wedding Questionnaire Email Template
  8. Image Release Email Template

1. New Inquiry Automated Response

Since a client can reach out to you by email at any time, it can be helpful to have an automated response that lets them know you will be in contact. This template can include your regular business hours and turnaround time for when you will respond to the initial inquiry.

Táve allows you to build an easy automation to automatically send this template out to new leads. Check out Táve’s installable template that you can add to your account to get it up and running.

Image Compliments of Leeann Marie, Wedding Photographers

Image Compliments of Leeann Marie, Wedding Photographers

2. Detailed Inquiry Response

After the automated response to new inquiries, you can use a template that gives your potential clients a bit more information about you. With the detailed inquiry template ready, all you would need to do is include the dates you’d be available.

3. Meeting Confirmation 

When sitting down with a client, there is a specific location where you desire the meeting to take place. Client meetings can range from pre-booking to post-booking or anything necessary to help educate your clients. Using an email template which is simple is key at this point of the process, as you want your client to find the location and not be confused by too many directions.

4. Contract Details

Once your client has decided to book you for their wedding day, a contract finalizes your agreement and the process. Since dealing with the money aspect of booking can be a bit awkward, creating an email which informs your clients you are excited to work with them helps you ease into the rest of the details.

5. Post-Booking Package

After your client has booked you and signed the contract, the next priority is to inform them of what you can offer to them in regard to products. The post-booking package email lets your clients know all of the awesome things you can do with their wedding photos. If you offer more than one package, split this into three separate emails. You can use the same template, just update the additional offers you include in each package.

Image Compliments of Leeann Marie, Wedding Photographers

Image Compliments of Leeann Marie, Wedding Photographers

6. Vendor Referral

As a wedding photographer, you likely have vendors you work with on a regular occasion, or ones you love to work with in your area. An email to your clients about vendor referrals can share more about the vendors you work with and how they can help your client with their wedding day. This template will share with clients that you have recommendations for them, so they know you are there to assist them through every step of the way.

7. Wedding Questionnaire

One of the top ways to ensure you prepare for the wedding day, a wedding questionnaire is a simple way to communicate with them. This template can let your clients know that you would love for them to fill it out, and that you would like to schedule a phone call to discuss it. You can also use this email to send a friendly reminder to them about any remaining balances due before the wedding day.

8. Image Release

When the wedding day is over and you have your images back from a wedding photo editing service, they are ready for your clients. Sometimes, it can be nice to just send them a short email, especially since you have been emailing them so often. Include a link to their photos from your image gallery within the email so they can simply click on it and view your beautiful work.

Where Can I Find Email Templates for My Business?

Email templates which are already created to send to clients can help you decrease your workflow time tremendously. Take advantage of the other 41 templates we offer in our Email Templates for Wedding Photographers , made in conjunction with ShootDotEdit!

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