The wedding photography busy season is a thrilling part of the year for you as a photographer. You get to do what you love and work with clients who are perfect for your business. Unfortunately, it can also be a stressful time, especially with piling tasks and increasing demands. And even with an endless to-do list, weddings to shoot, and products to fulfill, you still have a photography business to run.

Image by TNK Photo

Image by TNK Photo


We reached out to ShootDotEdit, no stranger to the struggles you face (especially when it comes to your post production workflow), to gain insights into how to stay ahead this wedding photography busy season.

As a wedding photography color correction company, we see it all when it comes to the busy season. And in addition to helping professional photographers with their photo editing needs, we also provide resources to create a streamlined workflow. To help you stay ahead this busy season, we’ve put together a quick list to get you started.

1. Assess Your Workload

One of the first steps to take is to look at the tasks you have on your plate. From those tasks, create a list of the ones with upcoming deadlines. Those are the tasks which require immediate action to help you stay on track. A large part of catching up is making sure you avoid falling behind on any deadlines that will set you back even further. Once you understand the situation you are in, it is time to devise a plan to get out.

With the list you created, identify the specific task that needs to be completed to check it off the list. Make sure you always prioritize your crucial deadlines and note if others are involved with the process. If you know you have an album that needs to be sent to a client within a certain timeframe, make sure you also list out the steps it takes to create the album. Some parts of the process may take longer than others and may require you to work with an outside source, so you must prioritize those, as well.

2. Set Short and Long-Term Goals

As you create lists for the tasks you need to complete, it may become overwhelming to look at everything that needs to happen over the next few weeks. To avoid stress, make sure to break your tasks down into more manageable portions. Keep your goals measurable and realistic to help you see the progress made and to eliminate feeling overwhelmed.

Your long-term goal will be the end goal. It is what you want to accomplish this year, whether that means you increase your bookings, have happier clients, or grow your business in a manner you may not have before. As you create short-term goals, think about smaller items you can accomplish now to help you reach your end goal.

As a tip, create incentives for yourself once your goals are accomplished. For instance, if you reach one of your goals, treat yourself to a new purchase or a nice weekend away. Incentives help you stay focused and keep your stress low.

3. Stay in Contact with Clients

If you are behind on tasks, especially ones that affect your clients, make sure to keep them up to date. One way to do this is to be realistic. Make sure that any revised timetable you give your clients is accurate so you deliver on your promise. If your turnaround times are later than your clients expected, find ways to give them an extra “thank you” for their patience. Try a gift credit for prints, extra album pages for free, or a favorite print you frame and send to them. Help keep the experience positive, even if the process takes a little longer than usual.

Image by TNK Photo

Image by TNK Photo

4. Outsource Time-Consuming Tasks

In your wedding photography business, there are a few common areas that create bottlenecks (editing, album design, print sales, blogging – just to name a few). These tasks can be easily addressed and fixed for faster turnaround times with the help of a specialist.

Whether you hire someone to help you with album design or team up with a wedding photography editing specialist, avoid pushing aside help when you find yourself behind. It can be tempting to think you can dig yourself out when you are buried in deadlines, and it is easy to put off finding a partner to help because you feel overwhelmed. The sooner you can start working with partners to get back on track, the better. When you get a plan in place for areas of your business that slow you down now, it will keep your business running smoothly as you breathe a sigh of relief at the end of the busy season.

Once you catch up with your workload, go back and improve upon your processes. You might decide to partner with a specialist or use a new app to help you lighten the load. Always be thinking of what the next step can be since it will help you and your business continue to grow. Find out additional ways to speed up your workflow and stay ahead during the busy wedding photography business with our Guide: 27 Simple Hacks to Transform your Wedding Photography Business!


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