Fear can be a normal, natural part of life.

You may have a fear of snakes, and that’s great, because it keeps you from getting into a confrontation with a poisonous one.

You may have a fear of heights — that’s no problem, because it keeps you safe from dangerous cliffs.

You may have a fear of losing your kids in a crowd. Well, that just means you get to hold onto them extra tightly.

It’s when fear starts to become crippling that it becomes a problem. If fear keeps you from reaching for greater heights, you need to examine what’s holding you back.


Are you scared of failing? It’s a common worry, and one that nearly everyone has dealt with in their lifetime.

However, if a fear of failing in your small-business dream is stopping you from taking action, it’s time to address those fears and turn them into something positive and proactive.

Read on for three tips on how you can start actually embracing the fear of failure and begin taking steps to move beyond it — and help your business thrive.

Each one of us here at Táve has learned these lessons through experience. We encourage you to stop being held hostage by fear, and start taking steps to become open to failure — and see how it can actually help move your business dreams forward

1. Acknowledge Your Past Mistakes

Failure can be painful and embarrassing, but it can also be refining and empowering.

Sometimes, fear arises from the past.

If you’re a small small-business owner, you’ve likely taken risks in chasing down your vision. Some of you (like us!) have quit day jobs, lived from paycheck to paycheck and been turned down by clients. You have to have a thick skin to continue to put yourself out there day after day. We don’t have to tell you that quickly gets exhausting and painful.

One reason people become hesitant to pursue small-business goals — such as charging more money for their services or hiring new employees — is because they’ve faced similar crossroads in the past and got burned by them. Maybe clients stopped using your services when you raised prices, or you ended up having to lay off that new employee to cut costs.

That does suck — but it’s not a reason to stop taking risks.

Block out some time, days if you need to, and really think through what went right and what truly went wrong the last time. What could you have done differently? What should you do the same?

The point is when you look at your mistakes as a lesson, rather than an embarrassment, a scolding or a warning, you’ll start to feel less constrained by fear. You’ll actually start to feel empowered with new data to make more accurate decisions and do something better the next time.

2. Bust Out of Your Comfort Zone

Trying new things actually helps our brains deal with adversity.

If fear has kept you from pushing harder in your business, whether that means playing it safe with advertising or not going after a potentially life-changing assignment, then perhaps you need to take risks in other areas of your life first. Why? To show you that failing might not be such a tragedy after all.

When you try new things, your brain experiences how exhilarating and rewarding risk-taking can be. Try something you have always dreamed of but never thought you could accomplish, such as:

  • Training for a marathon
  • Writing & publishing a short story
  • Visiting another country

Any of these things can change your life, even if the end result isn’t quite what you had hoped for.

If, say, you train for that marathon but hit the wall 20 miles into the race and have to bail out, you may learn a valuable lesson — trying is the result in itself, and failing is worth the risk.

Consider the new healthy habits you’ve brought into your life, the personal discipline you’ve unlocked, the amazing experience of running through the crowds and how empowered you felt to be able to run even that far.

You may not have met your goal, but you’ve achieved something incredible nonetheless. It’s the trying — not the failing — that defines you.

3. Figure Out How Failure Could Help Your Business

Studying our failures can bring new insights into success.

Obviously, no one wants to fail.

An old English proverb, attributed to dozens of great people since the 1830s, goes something like this: “He who never makes mistakes, never makes anything.”

If you want your business to get better, you have to put yourself out there.

Entrepreneurs thrive on big ideas. Putting them into practice can lift your business from struggling to thriving, but you have to muster the confidence needed to implement and follow through on those ideas.

Think about your business objectively:

  • What elements could help it perform better?
  • What are you missing?
  • Where are your strengths?

Then consider what is holding you back from focusing on the things that could help you get to the next level, and address them proactively.

Is it money (or, let’s be honest, the lack thereof?) Look into loans. Is it time? Spend a week and take a time audit, you’ll be amazed at how much time is spent on non-productive activities. Is it raw skills? While there are phenomenal online classes and tutorials, no one ever learned by not doing. Get out there and do!

Better Business Management for Creative Professionals

Here at Táve, we often see creative entrepreneurs who use our customer management software struggle to have the faith and confidence to embrace fear in their businesses.

We’re here to tell you that risk is worth it.

Whether you have a wedding photography business, you’re a DJ or you do makeup, your business can’t take the necessary next step unless you allow yourself the space to fail.

Does that mean you will trip sometimes? Perhaps. Does it mean you will make gains in the end? Yes, almost always.

Don’t let the fear of failure hold you back. Seize control of your professional destiny by embracing a bold new way of doing business and achieving goals you only imagined could be possible.

If you need help getting organized as you strive to reach those exciting new goals, try a free 30-day trial of our software. It can assist you in becoming more organized and efficient, so you can really challenge yourself. Contact us today to learn more.