When starting your creative business, you’re bound to make several mistakes. However, reading common mistakes other small business owners have experienced can help you prevent yourself from making the same mistakes. Whether you’re starting a floral design, photography or event planning business avoiding these common mistakes is crucial to your success.

What Are Some of the Common Mistakes Small Creative Businesses Make?

  1. Undercharging for Your Services. When you first start, you may need to provide free or reduced rates on your services, but you should make sure you are charging enough for your services over the long-term. Research other businesses in the area to see make sure the cost you’re charging is not too low for your industry.To understand the costs associated with your business, create a spreadsheet so you know how much you need to make to cover your expenses and bills. If you have a client who demands additional items while you’re working with them, you may need to customize your pricing and ask for more money.
  2. Not Marketing Your Business. Think of your small business as a brand. Any good brand needs to have a high-quality logo, flyers, business cards and a website. Each of these items will help you become better at marketing your business. Without a proper marketing strategy, it will be hard to attract new customers. Use your personal network, business cards, website or social media to increase the visibility of your brand. Through multiple strategies and platforms, you can increase the number of people who hear about your business.
  3. Slow Response Times. Potential clients want to know you can respond in a timely manner. If they’re contacting multiple companies in your industry, they may be more likely to choose the business that responds first. By answering promptly, you show that you’re dependable.
  4. Not Using Contracts. Not having a contract that spells out the terms of the job you’re performing has many risks. Having a contract will allow you to set the expectations of your client and help you determine the correct pricing for the types of services they expect. If the client asks for additional services after the contract is signed, it will be easier to ask for money to accommodate the tasks outside the scope of the job. Talk to a lawyer to get advice about creating a proper contract.
  5. Not Having a Niche. When you own a photography, floral or hair stylist business, it is essential to make yourself stand out from your competitors. Take time to think about what makes your business unique. Once you determine your niche, you can use that as a unique selling proposition in your marketing materials to draw customers to your business.
  6. Inefficient Workflow. When you’re running a small business, it’s essential to maintain an efficient workflow. Take time to create an organized system that will help you manage all your tasks. Manage client expectations by telling them the expected completion date a few days after you think you can complete it. Doing so will allow you to remain efficient and provide flexibility within your schedule if something else comes up.Another way to manage your workflow is by using a business management system that helps you organize your calendar, schedule emails and much more.

Help Improve Your Small Creative Business

If you need help improving your workflow and managing your business, Táve is a management software app that is customizable to your business. Many individuals in industries like photography, entertainment and event planning have used this software to stay organized and manage their small business efficiently. To learn more about this management software, contact us today or sign up for a free 30-day trial.