Managing client expectations is a crucial skill to develop if you operate a creative business, such as a photography or event planning company. Ensuring your customers are happy should be a top priority for your business. When you deliver excellent customer service, it will be easier for you to gain new customers. Clients that have a great experience working with you will be more likely to write reviews or share with their friends. As you deliver exceptional customer service, you will see an increase in brand loyalty.

What Does It Mean to Under Promise and Over Deliver?

Under promising and over delivering is a common phrase used by individuals who work closely with clients or customers. This strategy means you do more than you say you will to help exceed customer expectations and provide excellent customer service.

For example, a photographer can under promise and over deliver the expected date the project will be finished. Telling the client you’ll complete a task by Friday and then sending it to them two or three days earlier will impress them. Delivering more to your client than they expect improves their perception of your business. Whether it’s delivering the project early or providing additional services, overdelivering will help build your reputation.

Tips for Delivering Excellent Customer Service

You may be wondering to keep your customers loyal and happy. The following are a few ways you can start to “wow” your customers and keep them returning:

  • Communicate Regularly: Make sure you communicate with the client throughout the process. Send emails and follow-ups to ensure they know what to expect. Having prompt responses will help you establish trust with the client.
  • Show You Care: Get to know your client to show you care. Maintaining a good attitude and showing the client you genuinely care will help them feel comfortable and confident in the work you’re providing.
  • Arrive on Time: Your client should never have to wait for you. If you have set up or prep work to do before the client arrives, make sure you plan to arrive early.
  • Deliver On Time: Deliver any necessary items to your client on time. Manage client expectations by setting a reasonable delivery date.
  • Be Confident: If you aren’t confident in your work, how can you expect the client to be confident in you?
  • Maximize Their Budget: Help the client get the most out of their desired budget.
  • Listen: Actively listening to your client will help ensure you deliver everything they expect.

By using the tips mentioned above, you can find new ways to ensure you “wow” your customers every time.

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