Nothing is worse than wasting time on a task that you could have completed much faster — or one that you could have automated. In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the most common tasks that you can start saving time doing with productivity hacks and automation tools.

Quick Productivity Hacks for Small Businesses

Staying productive every day at work requires organization and focus. With these quick productivity tips, you’ll save yourself a lot of time each day:

  • Focus on One Task at a Time: Bouncing back and forth between tasks can lead to a significant amount of wasted time. Schedule batches of time each day where you can focus on each type of task you need to complete. For example, set aside different time blocks for responding to emails or working on marketing tasks.
  • Determine Your High Priority Tasks: Organize your to-do lists by marking your high-priority tasks with the letter A. Doing this will help you prioritize your day to accomplish the tasks that will have the highest impact.
  • Keep One Day a Week Open: When you keep one day each week open, this provides flexibility to accomplish tasks you couldn’t finish another day. Having a day without calendar events ensures you have time dedicated to focus on your work and not be interrupted.
  • Set Ambitious Goals: If you set ambitious goals, this can motivate you to keep yourself productive to achieve those goals.

Business Tasks You Can Automate

Whether you own a hair salon, event planning or photography business, using automation tools can help you save time and money by:

  • Nurturing Leads: Once you receive a lead, it’s important to follow-up with the lead to improve your chances of closing the lead. Using lead tracking software, you can set up multiple emails to send to new leads and schedule them to send hours, minutes or days after you receive the lead.
  • Organizing Your Calendar: Managing your busy schedule can be hard if you don’t have a system to organize your calendar. Without an automated calendar, you may struggle to find a date and time that works for everybody. You can use a color code system to help organize each type of event on your calendar and ensure you never miss a deadline.
  • Responding to Emails: Responding to emails can be time-consuming, and there are probably many similar email responses you send often. Using email templates can enable you to save time responding to common emails.
  • Sending Invoices: Sending invoices and following up on unpaid invoices takes time away from doing what you love. Automating invoice reminders can give you peace of mind and help ensure you receive payment.
  • Posting to Social Media Accounts: If you’re using social media to build awareness for your business, you can schedule posts for the future. Planning your content ensures you never forget to post.

Save Time by Using an Automation System

Automation can save your small business from wasting time. Business management software, like Táve, can help you automate some of the business tasks that take up too much time each day. You can customize this software to fit the needs of your unique business. Using Táve you can automate tasks, such as:

  • Sending questionnaires to new clients
  • Nurturing and tracking your leads
  • Setting meeting or session reminders
  • Sending invoice reminders
  • Managing emails
  • Sending surveys or quotes

Staying organized as a business owner is critical to your success. With Táve, you can stop worrying about the business management side of your creative business and focus on your passion. Try out this software with a 30-day free trial.