​​PDF Invoices, Orders & Quotes and Client Access Updates!

As the first step, of many, towards improving how your clients interact with Táve, we’re excited to announce that invoice, order and quote printouts have been redesigned from the ground up. Oh… they’re also PDFs. ❤️

For years, users have wanted a more streamlined invoice layout that gets right to the point of what a client owes and when. We heard you and agreed completely.

Check out our announcement video to learn more!

In addition to PDFs, we’re taking huge steps to modernize Client Access (all the pages your clients interact with on Táve). This included some restructuring of how we build the code there 🤓which means you’ll probably notice a few subtle changes.

Heads up! If you’ve added intricate custom Page CSS that was tightly based on our existing styles or document structure, such as replacing our text with custom content, your Page CSS may need to be modified. 

The page where your clients review their quote has been completely redesigned (out with the look from the 90s! ❌💾).

Check out our Changelog for more details but here a list of highlights for your perusing pleasure:

  • PDFs!
  • Tokens that can link your client directly to the PDF itself
  • New PDF button columns in Orders, Quotes & Invoice section lists
  • Brands now use Primary and Secondary Colors
  • Quote printouts now include optional items
  • A new search page for Client Access that allows your client to find a specific invoice. Let’s say your client gets a paper copy of your invoice and they want to pay online. Now they don’t need the direct link! They just go to ‘clients.yourdomain.com/pay’ and enter the reference code from the printed invoice. Magic!

We’re super excited about these changes and what’s to come and we hope you are too!

Team Táve