A Letter to Our Users

Thirteen years after Jason and I created Táve, I’m proud to announce that we’ve taken the next natural step in growing our beloved service by joining forces with our friends at ShootProof, who announced their acquisition of Táve today.

It’s hard to believe that just 4 years ago we added our first employee, and that Jason and I were the sole developers until just last year. Táve has evolved from our single-room office in Boca Raton, to enjoying a view of the Atlanta skyline from the ShootProof headquarters, surrounded by their team of warm, talented creators.

From the day my wife Karen enrolled us in the first beta of ShootProof, we’ve had a great working relationship with their team. As both companies grew, that openness continued and our teams were able to collaborate on everything from marketing to support, even allowing members of our team to visit to see how their methods could improve our own.

We’ve enjoyed the collaboration so much, and believe that the pairing of ShootProof and Táve holds so much potential.

As a unified team, we will be able to deliver deeper integrations and more powerful features to our communities. The passion with which the ShootProof team has worked to make us a part of their family is inspiring. I can’t wait to share with you the many ways in which this will yield the most impressive growth in feature set, usability, and overall value Táve has ever seen.

Whether or not you use ShootProof, this is an exciting time to be a part of Táve!

Thank you for joining us on this journey,

Adrian Ziemkowski

🎉 A Special Thank You 🎉

Curious to see why we’re so fond of ShootProof? In celebration of our partnership, our users can get 3 free months of online galleries. Sign up with code TAVE2019. Offer valid on monthly plans for new ShootProof users only. Sign up before 6/30/19.

Awesome news: your custom domains in Táve are now secure!

That means no more pesky “site not secure” warnings when your clients browse their client pages.

You don’t have to do anything. We’ve made these secure certificates automatic and effective immediately for all accounts using custom domains!  No cost to you, of course.

“What the heck are custom domains?”

Custom domains take your branding to the next level. They mask your client-facing Táve pages with a subdomain you create.

Instead of this:
your clients could see this:

To start using custom domains in Táve, go to Settings › Branding in your Táve account. Our handy custom domain wizard will walk you through the process!

Have questions? Get in touch! We’d love to hear from you!

In addition to being Táve’s Customer Service Lead, Nicole Hoffman also runs a full-time wedding photography business, Nicole Klym Photography. In this post, she shares her tricks for client loyalty, brand building, and all around good marketing.

As a wedding photographer, the service I provide for my clients goes way beyond just showing up on the wedding day.  I often connect with them in-person a few times through meetings and when we get together for their engagement session.  Staying in touch throughout the process is very important to show my clients that I’m thinking about them and I’m here to help during this exciting, and often overwhelming, time.  Most of my communication is done by email, often triggered using automations set up in Táve to make sure I don’t miss a beat. But, everyone loves a good surprise, and that’s where services like Greetabl help me get really creative!  

Greetabl Unboxed

Rather than investing a lot of money into advertising my business, I let my clients do that for me, and gift giving plays a huge role in that.  When my clients receive a surprise from me in the mail, they often take a photo and share it with their friends on social media, which makes me look pretty awesome too.  I’ve even had wedding guests approach me on a wedding day to tell me my gift giving was on point… how about that for marketing!

I love Greetabls because you can personalize them for any occasion or recipient.  They are a perfect holiday card alternative!  To make them extra personal to my clients, I include 3 photos from their wedding in their design, and they can pop these out of the box and display them in their home or office.

Nicole Klym Photography Greetabl Gift

The customization starts at the outside of the box, with designs that cover every occasion from holiday themes to prints featuring inspiring messages, adorable puppies, and other fun patterns.  If you’re sending one as a welcome gift for a new bride, you can use their adorable “Just Said Yes” design. They even have a matching gift kit for inside to keep with the same theme. How fun!

Inside each Greetabl you can include one or more fun items, and the options are endless!  You can personalize these for each box. So, if you know particular things your clients like (asking questions in your Táve intake questionnaire is a great way to find this out), you can really connect with them by choosing something you know they’ll like to show them that you’re listening.  Or, you can choose from a variety of fun treats, from brownies and chocolates to bath bombs and candles. I love the option to add confetti in each box too, so they get a fun surprise when they open it.

Now, it’s even easier to get your clients’ contact information into your Greetabl account with an import of your Táve contacts!  If you’re a Greetabl Insider Pro member, you can do this by choosing the Import Contacts option in Greetabl to pull in a CSV export from your Táve address book.  If you need a refresher on how to export one of your Táve Address Book lists, we have a tutorial on exporting your lists here.  You’ll want to choose the “all columns” option when saving your list there and then head on over to Greetabl to import those contacts. Greetabl Tave ImporterSurprise someone with a Greetabl today!  Happy gifting!