Take personalization to the next level

We’re excited to announce three major improvements to our ShootProof integration. With new customizations and automations, you can make every client feel like your only client.

Pssst…make sure your ShootProof account is integrated with your Táve account. Go to Settings › Integrations and choose ShootProof in the drop-down menu. You’ll hop into ShootProof with your login credentials and then grant Táve permissions.

Put a face to a name

Táve is the most customizable and robust photography studio management software available, but it can feel text-heavy. That’s why we worked with the ShootProof team to build visual, personalized updates. Now when you pull ShootProof galleries into Táve, you’ll see your clients’ faces alongside their names.

Connecting ShootProof galleries to Táve jobs is simple. Here’s how:

  • First, go to the job overview and find the ‘Galleries’ widget.
  • Then hit the ‘Link Gallery’ button to browse or search your ShootProof galleries.
  • You can also create a new gallery by hitting the ‘Create New’ button.
  • You’ll be prompted to say which Táve event you’re linking the gallery to and indicate any Táve contact you’d like to set as the ‘Linked Contact’ in ShootProof.
  • If that linked contact doesn’t exist in ShootProof, we’ll create it for you! 

Photos Courtesy Aislinn Kate Photography

Find everything in one place

After you create a gallery for your clients, you can access it with fewer clicks! Quickly see gallery status, expiration date, and number of photos and orders. Add those data columns to any of your jobs lists for a better overview.

Aislinn Kate Photography

Personalize client communications

Composing emails is tedious. Using Táve’s powerful tokens, you can craft personalized automated emails that are easy to set up and schedule. Now that your ShootProof gallery data is in Táve, elevate your email templates with gallery tokens. Since each gallery is linked to a specific Táve event, you can use any event type tokens to access gallery data.

Want a demo?

Join us for a webinar and learn how to tap into the power of Táve and ShootProof.