Leeann Marie

One of the leading wedding photographers in Pittsburgh, Leeann Marie has created an exclusive brand that is family focused for the cosmopolitan bride. She’s a national speaker for WPPI, has been in business for 9 years, and has a background in Industrial Engineering giving her a unique perspective on photography and business.  She photographs 25-30 weddings per year and only does office/admin work two days a week. Learn how Táve makes that possible for her. 

When I first started my wedding photography business, I had (what seemed like) an endless amount of time to work on my ideas, edits, and communication. I was out networking, writing blog post after blog post, managing social media like a pro, and mailing and receiving contracts.

Then life happened. I realized that sitting in my office for hours and hours on end was not doing any good for myself, my body, or my marriage. I needed a break! Add on top of that two kids in the past four years, and I really need my business to work for me instead of working for it!

Taking the time to invest in systems and tools that would help me succeed proved to be more and more important as my business (and family!) grew, and now I’m at a place where I have two small kids at home and only have office hours two days a week. I photograph 25-30 weddings a year still, and have received compliment after compliment about how well I prepare my brides for their wedding day, and how quickly their images are sent to their inbox.

And how has Táve stepped in to help? There are a million and one ways, but here I’ll outline some of the big places that I’m using their amazing technology to make my life easier and my business successful.

Booking Clients

Using Táve’s Lead Status feature, I categorize each and every lead that comes into my system and have a series of auto-emails that goes out to them at inquiry, follow up, and multiple follow-ups after that. It seems like I am always reaching out about their wedding, and the email templates help me to personalize their experience.

Want to go one step above and beyond? I ask for a client’s venue in my website inquiry form, and have individual emails for my preferred venues. If a lead is holding their reception at one of these places, I simply click a button and Táve runs an automation that sends them a custom email featuring weddings from their specific location, which makes me the pro on working at their venue.

Pre-Wedding Communication

Before the wedding day, I want my brides to know that I care about their wedding and that I’m easy to contact. However, I don’t have the time to keep track of every single person’s timing and reach out all of the time! In comes Táve with a series of automated emails that are sent to my brides 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 month before the wedding. I share with them all about wedding timeline planning and the questionnaire I’ll need them to fill out to give me all of the details of their day. That way, they feel like their photographer is never forgetting about them, and they have excellent feedback on how much they like these emails.

Want to go one step above and beyond? I also include details about wedding albums, prints, design, etc. in these emails in order to encourage post-wedding sales! Set them up for purchasing by showing them what you offer multiple times!

Post-Wedding Communication

After the wedding, I have an automated email that goes to the client to say Thank You and re-sends them their wedding gallery link. I encourage them to share the link (good for post-wedding print sales!) and set expectations about what’s to come. On top of that, I have steps in my wedding workflow that remind me when to release the gallery, post a preview slideshow, and sends an email to my client when the gallery is ready.

Want to go one step above and beyond? I create a pretty .pdf all about how to download, manage, and order their wedding photos and place it on my Google Drive. And guess what?! Táve links with my Google and I can include that pretty document right into the gallery release email! The integrations that Táve has created really help in streamlining everything.

On top of that, who doesn’t love a good online review? I have a step in my workflow to ask for a review, where I give them the exact link where to post – and it’s an automation! So as soon as I click the checkbox, it sends that email to my clients when their gallery is fresh in their minds, and since I implemented this almost every client I asks leaves a lovely review – good SEO juice!

Wedding Submission

Want to have your work featured on prominent wedding blogs and magazines? You need to do the work to get there! I have a Submission portion of my wedding workflow, where I force myself to submit weddings not long after the gallery has been released. This ensures that I’m constantly submitting my fresh content, and that this important step in marketing does not get overlooked. I also have an automation that sends an email to my inbox stating client contact info, vendors, website links, gallery links, and client-provided details (proposal story, etc). I use this in filling out submission forms, and it makes the process so much easier!

Want to go one step above and beyond? I asked the most popular local wedding blog to send me a copy of the email she gets when people submit a wedding on her blog contact form. I then took this email and created a duplicate template in Táve. Now when I want to submit to her, I just click a button and it sends her an email – filled it with all of the info she needs, exactly how she wants it to look – right to her inbox. Saves me a ton of time!

In all, getting creative with my Táve setup and putting the time and energy into the system has paid off tenfold in my business. With my limited office time I am now able to focus on the few things that need to be done to deliver images, and then get back to playing with my little ones – and, you know, probably cleaning up after them and all of that fun stuff! Thank you Táve for helping my business succeed during this busy time in my life!

Leeann Marie Golish
Instagram: @leeannmarieg

Family photos by Camille Vaughan

Managing a business is no easy feat and can quickly become overwhelming. One key to being successful is to ensure you have organizational tools in place to help you keep your priorities on track. To assist you with this, we reached out to ShootDotEdit, who helps professional photographers streamline their wedding photography business by taking post production off their plate.

When you decided to go into business, what was it about a photography career that enticed you? For many, it’s because they love shooting and creating memorable images for clients. But did you know that only about 12% of your time is actually spent on shooting? The remaining 88% of your time is spent on marketing, accounting, sales, networking, and more. And even though you started your business to fulfill your passion of photography, you actually signed up to be a business person for most of the time!

For you to focus on the things you love to do in your business, you must maintain organization and free yourself from the tasks that hold you back. Below, we have 4 tips to share that will help you get organized in your business this year.

1. Create a System for Email Communication

Since up to 30% of your work week is dedicated to organizing and sending emails in your inbox, it’s imperative you create a system for email communication. When your communication techniques are organized, it becomes easier for you to reach out to potential clients and business partners. Each morning, filter through your inbox, and prioritize and delegate the emails you have to others on your team.

Image Compliments of Leeann Marie, Wedding Photographers

Image Compliments of Leeann Marie, Wedding Photographers

Another way to create a system for your email communication is to use templated emails, like these 49 customizable templates for wedding photographers, created in conjunction with Táve! When you use email templates, you no longer have to write out messages every time you need to communicate with a client or vendor (which will save you hours each year).

2. Write, Upload, and Schedule in Advance

Both social media and your blog are platforms you must stay active on to connect with current and future clients. To maintain consistency, you must post on social media and your blog regularly. Rather than writing blog posts, Tweets, and Facebook posts right before you want to post them, create time in your schedule to write them for the month.

From there, schedule each in advance using programs such as WordPress or Hootsuite. When you schedule in advance, you will not need to worry about remembering to actively post each day at the right time. Your stress will lower, and you can plan out exactly what you want to share on each social platform in advance.

3. Outsource Non-Profit Generating Tasks

While it may seem easier to do everything on your own since you know your business best, it’s challenging to achieve your goals while doing so. It can be challenging to let go of areas of your business, but to stay organized and grow, you must outsource tasks that do not generate additional profit for your business. These are tasks like color correction, billing and accounting, and album and website design.

Image Compliments of Leeann Marie, Wedding Photographers

Image Compliments of Leeann Marie, Wedding Photographers

For example, ShootDotEdit helps you with your wedding photo editing needs, Táve assists you with managing and organizing your business, and Fotoskribe implements advanced SEO techniques on your images and blog. When you trust others with tasks in your business that do not increase your profit, you can spend that time on other areas that require your immediate attention.

4. Maintain an Organized Calendar

Although it’s a simple tool, a calendar will be your best friend to help you maintain organization in your business. Having a visual of all your shoots and clients will be a lifesaver when you are trying to figure out when you can squeeze in some time for coffee to nurture a vendor relationship. Use a calendar that is easily accessible and syncs to your phone and computer, so you always have the most updated schedule. The last thing you want to do is double-book yourself for a wedding!

Tip: You can also use a content calendar to stay organized with your upcoming blog posts, social media, and email campaigns. The calendar will give you clear insight into what you have scheduled, so you consistently share your images and resources.

By keeping your business organized, you will be able to focus on areas of your business that you want to optimize and grow. For additional ways to organize and grow your business, download our Guide, How to Grow Your Wedding Photography Business!

With your schedule chock full of weddings, thinking about the holidays (let alone, holiday portrait sessions) may be the last thing on your mind (holiday season is months away, right?). Between constant shoots and fulfilling client orders, adding another project to your plate might not be on your agenda.

What if we told you we have a solution for a way that you can plan and organize holiday portrait sessions, without doing much at all… a way to streamline this entire planning process and all you had to do was press “send” on the emails…

Holiday Session Email Templates for the Wedding Photographer

Do you remember our 49 Email Templates we shared with you? Now, we have the perfect set of templates dedicated to holiday sessions that take the guesswork out of the entire process!  Our templates, created in conjunction with ShootDotEdit and France Photographers, help:

  • Make client communication a breeze with a streamlined process
  • Announce, book, and deliver holiday sessions with minimal effort
  • Provide additional income for your business during the off-season

Download the Holiday Email Templates to get started today!

These go hand-in-hand with Táve’s Quick Responses. Just go to Settings › Quick Responses and copy over these new templates to use right away!


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