Take personalization to the next level

We’re excited to announce three major improvements to our ShootProof integration. With new customizations and automations, you can make every client feel like your only client.

Pssst…make sure your ShootProof account is integrated with your Táve account. Go to Settings › Integrations and choose ShootProof in the drop-down menu. You’ll hop into ShootProof with your login credentials and then grant Táve permissions.

Put a face to a name

Táve is the most customizable and robust photography studio management software available, but it can feel text-heavy. That’s why we worked with the ShootProof team to build visual, personalized updates. Now when you pull ShootProof galleries into Táve, you’ll see your clients’ faces alongside their names.

Connecting ShootProof galleries to Táve jobs is simple. Here’s how:

  • First, go to the job overview and find the ‘Galleries’ widget.
  • Then hit the ‘Link Gallery’ button to browse or search your ShootProof galleries.
  • You can also create a new gallery by hitting the ‘Create New’ button.
  • You’ll be prompted to say which Táve event you’re linking the gallery to and indicate any Táve contact you’d like to set as the ‘Linked Contact’ in ShootProof.
  • If that linked contact doesn’t exist in ShootProof, we’ll create it for you! 

Photos Courtesy Aislinn Kate Photography

Find everything in one place

After you create a gallery for your clients, you can access it with fewer clicks! Quickly see gallery status, expiration date, and number of photos and orders. Add those data columns to any of your jobs lists for a better overview.

Aislinn Kate Photography

Personalize client communications

Composing emails is tedious. Using Táve’s powerful tokens, you can craft personalized automated emails that are easy to set up and schedule. Now that your ShootProof gallery data is in Táve, elevate your email templates with gallery tokens. Since each gallery is linked to a specific Táve event, you can use any event type tokens to access gallery data.

Want a demo?

Join us for a webinar and learn how to tap into the power of Táve and ShootProof.

Awesome news: your custom domains in Táve are now secure!

That means no more pesky “site not secure” warnings when your clients browse their client pages.

You don’t have to do anything. We’ve made these secure certificates automatic and effective immediately for all accounts using custom domains!  No cost to you, of course.

“What the heck are custom domains?”

Custom domains take your branding to the next level. They mask your client-facing Táve pages with a subdomain you create.

Instead of this:
your clients could see this:

To start using custom domains in Táve, go to Settings › Branding in your Táve account. Our handy custom domain wizard will walk you through the process!

Have questions? Get in touch! We’d love to hear from you!

​​PDF Invoices, Orders & Quotes and Client Access Updates!

As the first step, of many, towards improving how your clients interact with Táve, we’re excited to announce that invoice, order and quote printouts have been redesigned from the ground up. Oh… they’re also PDFs. ❤️

For years, users have wanted a more streamlined invoice layout that gets right to the point of what a client owes and when. We heard you and agreed completely.

Check out our announcement video to learn more!

In addition to PDFs, we’re taking huge steps to modernize Client Access (all the pages your clients interact with on Táve). This included some restructuring of how we build the code there 🤓which means you’ll probably notice a few subtle changes.

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Does your company do events in different time zones? Táve has you covered.

No matter where your event takes place, or for that matter, where you are in the world, Táve’s robust time zone support makes sure you know exactly when an event is.

Account Time Zone

In Settings › Main Settings, you’ll set the global time zone of your account. Your time zone here is actually set for you automatically when you first create your account but you can change it if needed.

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We’re announcing updates to our privacy policy. These changes reflect the high privacy standards established by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) recently passed by the European Union.

The privacy law becomes enforceable May 25, 2018.

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Sending email with Táve + Google’s Gmail takes keeping track of your conversations with clients to a whole new level.

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​You can now link contacts so that they are related and become even more connected!

Linking contacts lets you have quick access to any related contacts when using any of the people dropdowns throughout the system.

You can create the relationship from the job worksheet or directly on a contact’s Address Book profile.

Once connected, any related contact will appear in the contact dropdown used in quotes, email, event attendees and more.

Event Attendees

If you’ve already added one parent as the main contact for a job, but you know their family will be attending the same event, you can quickly add them as attendees since they are connected via relationships.

Employee/Employer Relationship

One great use for contact relationships is creating employer/employee connections.

The example below uses Stanford University as the employer. Once Stanford is added to a job, I have quick access to email any of Stanford’s employees. Below is the people picker used when composing an email.

Address Book Column

If you’d like to quickly see related contacts in your Address Book, simply add the ‘Related Contacts’ column to your list and save your changes.

Relationship Types

You can create new relationship types in Settings › Relationship Types. Each type has a gender neutral, masculine and feminine form. If you select a masculine or feminine form when setting a contact’s relationship, it also sets their gender.

As always, reach out to us at Support if you have any questions!

Introducing a whole new way to get set up in Táve.

Access the all new template gallery from the Help Menu!

templategalleryIndustry Specific Setups

Táve originally started as a tool for photographers. But as the product evolved, it became clear that it worked great as a business solution for many different industries. The question became how to set up an account for these other industries. Well, now we’re making it easier than ever with our template gallery. You can browse the template gallery and install industry basics, questionnaires, quotes, contracts, automations and more. These templates are a great starting point to help you learn Táve or add stuff to your account if you’re an existing user.

How It Works

It’s pretty simple. Just browse any of the pre-made content in the gallery. When you find something you want to install, click on it. You’ll get a list of all of the pieces that will be installed. Just click install. Magic ensues. If there is an item on your account (questionnaire, quote, contract, etc.) with the EXACT same name, we’ll just use that and mark the item as ‘Used Existing’. This prevents any of your current setups from being overwritten. You won’t however get the full install. So for example, if you have a contract named ‘Wedding Contract’ and you install a template with a quote of the same name, we’ll use the existing one. You won’t get the new contract. If you’re sure you want the template contract, then simply edit your original item to change the name or delete it then reinstall.


The template gallery does NOT remove any existing setup on your account, even the original defaults that came with your free trial. The template gallery does NOT have any effect on client data, jobs, etc., existing or otherwise.

To see what you’ve already installed and which user on your account installed it. Simply go to the history menu on the top right of the template gallery.


More To Come

We believe that this will be an extremely powerful tool to help new and existing users get the most out of their Táve account. We will be adding more content as we go, so if you’re looking for something in particular or you think of something that could be really helpful to someone else, let us know and we’ll build it for the template gallery. Just send us a message from the Help menu with your ideas.

We’re really excited to announce a new option for processing payments through Táve Client Access.

You can now integrate directly with Square’s new payment gateway. Much like Stripe or Braintree, Square’s integration allows your clients to pay by credit card and have the transaction process and get recorded automatically. In order to integrate, you’ll need a Square account.

Check out this video for easy setup instructions:

Accounts Payable has arrived!

Updates with this release:

  • Expenses can now have a payee.

  • You can now specify an expense payee, category, and due date on the product editor.

  • When a quote is booked, expenses will be scheduled for the purchased products.
  • There is now a list of upcoming payments on the job’s Financials page (previously called “Income and Expenses”).
  • You can post and inline edit any upcoming payment directly on the job’s Financials page.

  • We’ve added the Financials page to address book profiles, allowing you to log expenses, record payment, or edit credit at the contact level with or without a job.

  • The Financials page has been made much more mobile friendly.
  • We added three new reports: A/P Ledger, A/P Aging, and A/R Aging.
  • The chart on the Reports homepage now includes expenses and has a cash flow line.

  • There is a new Accounts Payable widget on the dashboard so you can get a quick list of upcoming expenses.

  • The Sales Tax Liability Report now allows you to customize when revenue is recognized. In addition to the previous “upon receipt” cash-basis method supported before, you can select to have revenue recognized for tax purposes when the job is marked as completed, when the job enters fulfillment, on the event date, upon booking, or on the order’s “Sold At” date.
  • The Job Types and Lead Sources booking trend report now includes a new chart so you can compare your leads vs booked jobs in any given time period.